Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I am humbled...

I am humbled. 

 As I sit here trying to find the words to type in this post, I can truly feel the love that has traveled from the beautiful state of Texas...all the way to the tip top of the state of Illinois. And it is all thanks to one of the most incredible girls I have ever friend, Anne from Fiona & Twig.

She knows how much I love her farmhouse...with its white clapboard siding and the cutest porch I have ever seen. I have told her to beware, because I am a girl that is known for a spur-of-the moment roadtrip...

...and one day she may come home to find me sipping lemonade and sitting in her porch swing.

 Can you blame me?...have you ever seen a cuter porch or swing in all your life??


(above photos courtsey of Fiona & Twig)

Isn't it amazing and crazy all at the same time how blogging has brought people together that would normally never have met in their 'real' life?? I think about that a lot. How there are a so many of you I think about throught my day. It is incredible, really that I could find so many friends without ever actaully meeting in person.  People that, due to geography, I never in a million years would have crossed paths with had I not hit that "post" button for the very first time.

Today Anne made my day. She truly did. She took my little blog and shared it with her world. Now, if only I was as fabulous as her wonderful post made me sound!

 From the bottom of my heart I am sending Anne a big hug and a huge thank you for making me her "blog of the month" over at Fiona & Twig.

Speaking of friends...I just have to mention this today. Have you seen the INCREDIBLE clock Andrea whipped up over at Faded Plains??

(photo courtsey of Faded Plains)

I am seriously in love with it...and she's showing you how you can make one, too...for only $27.94!! Can you believe that? She is so amazing. Her tutorial is simple so if you have swooned over Maria's gorgeous clock like I have, get over to Andrea's blog and check it out!

I am off to photograph some amazing finds for the shop! This seems to be the week of old metal signs, lots of old paper with a little ironstone and wood thrown into the mix! I was junking my way through rural Wisconsin recently, so have some goodies to share! Be sure to stop by tonight and see whats new!

The countdown is on....less than 2 days before I am Minnesota bound for another roadtrip!


  1. what a wonderful post she did on you.
    so sweet!
    I love yours, it is so true that you just connect with some that you would have never known were out there in life.
    Blogland is amazing when done right.
    Yours is done right!

  2. You know I will shop! Can't wait til July and you can have whatever you want to drink on my porch. I'll even make breakfast!

  3. Yay! Congratulations!

    FYI.... I live in MN and you don't want to come here ;) (for a beach vacay anyway!) 10 inches of snow at my house today ~ ish!

  4. aww, what post for a sweet lady :)

  5. I enjoyed reading your sweet little post- I just adore your blog! everymorning, the first thing i do before my babies wake up is have a cup of coffee and read your blog :) I currently live in Vegas, so this blog is my taste of the 'rural' life i miss dearly and am hoping to get back to! Thank you for devoting your time to this wonderful blog!

  6. Great feature on you Mary! I can't wait to see your new stuff!

  7. Oh, how nice! Blogging can really be a blessing, and this comes at a great time. Lately I've been reading lots of posts about bloggers being pressured or stressed in keeping up a blog. This is a little remindeder of why blogging can be such a joy!

    Can't wait to see what you've found - and, I loved that clock. Leave it to Andrea to find a cheaper way to make something just as gorgeous. Love it.

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  9. You know you are my fav! You love me even though my reputation is *tarnished* ;o) Urban Farmgirl is the best!
    Blessings, Mumsie (aka Caryldee)

  10. i'll be sure to stop by anne's how wonderful for you! i love andrea's clock too! i have to say are all so talented and kind, and some of my favorite blog friends. did you say ironstone? i'll peek my head into the shop later :) susan

  11. Great post Anne did on you, she's the best. Love the pink scales she snagged from you, I can't wait to see her new digs when she's settled in.
    Come visit when you can,

  12. I saw that yesterday and I was so happy for you! I am ready for a road trip too!

  13. So happy for you! You have a great blog, I see why you were featured. And oh my gosh, I love that little white house too!

  14. Of course you were featured. Your blog, your writing and your photos are lovely! I am not surprised at all!

  15. I loved the post Anne did on you Mary- it really was awesome and so true! I love both you girls...hope that one day I will meet you both!
    Thanks for all your inspiration!
    Tammy :-)

  16. Great post! I am new to your blog and am loving it!

  17. Awwww, now look who's humbled?
    Love you to pieces, friend. :-)


  18. How exciting!!! What a HAPPY day for you!!!

    m ^..^

  19. I love that clock! Aren't road trips the best!

  20. Anne did a wonderful feature...she really is the best! I'm looking forward to the Kane County Fairs and hope to finally meet you!


  21. the words "rural Wisconsin" -- and wanted to just pass this most humble invitation your way --- I host two annual Barn Sales in rural Wisconsin (in my 100 year old Finnish barn in Augusta). My spring sale arrives shortly - May 14 & 15.
    Congrats to you!

  22. such a sweet story about friendships!!
    you two are both my favorites so i can easily see how ya'll love each other!
    i need to go check out andrea's clock....too cute!

  23. Hello
    I am here from Anne's... she is a sweetheart. Where in IL? I am 40 miles west of Chicago and I go to Mn very often as I am from there and half my family is there. They got more snow yesterday.
    I know interstate 90 well.
    Good luck on your road trip and have fun!

  24. Oh! I must go see what you have found!! Many treasures I am sure!!!

  25. Your blog is wonderful and you totally deserve the lovely shout out on Anne's blog (her blog is pretty darn great too!) I'll have to pop by and see what new goodies you've got in your shop :)

  26. she is so great you are friends!! get her to come here eh?

    safe travels!
    Anne Marie

  27. Anne's post was so beautiful...and yep...I think your pretty cool too...and that's why your my W.T. ;o)

  28. Hi Mary! Would you consider doing a post on your warehouse/studio/workspace? I'd love to see a behind the scenes look at your creative space. Enjoy your trip...can't wait to see what you come home with!


  29. I love Anne's blog too - her house is fantastic!! I totally agree that blogging has opened up an amazing world of people I'd never know. Thank God for my blog & my friends in the blogging world. They have changed my life & perspective in many many ways :)

  30. Hi there.. I am normally a lurker on occasion here, but thought I'd chime in from my own blogging experience. I find blogging to be a wonderful medium to find friends with like interests. Its amazing too, as you follow some blogs, you begin to feel you know them just as well as if you were sitting across the table at coffee with them each morning.