Tuesday, March 15, 2011

did someone say roadtrip??

 I am in need of some sort of therapy. A break. An escape. Downtime. I never allow myself to have those things. I just work. And work. And work some more. There is only one cure for me when I find myself working more than I am living. And that, my friends, is a little time with the girls and lots of junk shopping! Next weekend I am going to bust out the GPS and hit the road. I am ready for girly drinks, a cupcake for breakfast every day and lots of singin' in the car on our 6 hour ride north!



I {heart} Minneapolis. It is such an awesome city.

( I came across this road totally by accident last summer when I was junking my way through Minnesota! I couldn't believe it!)

 We have a few things planned...but I am looking for some help from my Minnesota girls.

(I will be on the hunt for 6 old chairs like this...)

Anyone out there from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area that can give me some info on shops that are a 'must see' while we are there?? Our time is limited...so I want to hit the best spots that have the best goods. If you know my blog, you know what I like. White, chippy, maybe a little industrial mixed in...ooohh...and I LOVE me some architectural salvage! I know a few places in the Twin Cities thatare my usual stops, but always love a new lead!

(And I need about 4 more old mirror for a feature wall in my foyer, too...)

Please let me know of any junk shops, antique shops, restaurants or the place to get the best cupcake in the Minneapolis area!

(photo #1 & 2 by yours truly...photos #3 & 4...country living)

And don't forget my Shabby Apple giveaway ends Thursday at midnight Central time!


  1. next road trip you should come South :) Have a great time relaxing and hunting~

  2. I'm so jealous! A road trip sounds incredible. Have a good time and I can't wait to see what you come back with :)

  3. I don't know any of that area but sounds like you are going to have a good time no matter where you go
    Cupcakes every morning! AWESOME!
    Good Luck

  4. I am from Kansas so I can only say from following their blogs, but Round Barn Potting Co (http://roundbarnpottingco.blogspot.com) looks like something out of my dreams! I found her through the first blog I ever followed, The Porch and Atelier (http://theporchatelier.blogspot.com). The owner's home was featured in Country Living last year, so I don't think you could go wrong : )
    Hope that helps! I SO WISH I could come along : )

  5. Have a good trip! Are you going back to JB again this year?

  6. Aw Mary, I see the pic in your header and I want to go to! Lol. Have a great time!

  7. sounds fun! and you've got a great shopping list! Lezlee

  8. Hey, "girls just wanna have fun" ~ have a blast!

  9. Have a Blast! Best of luck on your hunt~Cheers Kim

  10. That sounds like so much fun!! I hope you have a wonderful time. I love your stairway mirrors, just gorgeous.

  11. I have nothing helpful to add, but I love your blog - it is so beautiful. Have a great trip!

  12. Nothing like a road trip... you, your tunes and the open road... sounds like heaven!

    Wicker & Stitch

  13. Mary!! How fun...a road trip!! Very cool!!
    Have a good time

  14. Retail Therapy is very good for the Spirit and Soul... *winks* Well, maybe that's just me? *LOL* Have an awesome Road Trip!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  15. Hmmm...last year at Farm Chicks my mom and I actually found & bought back some things from OUR restaurant that my aunt sold in her garage sale in Minneapolis last summer. (That my brother had left behind with her as "junk.") So, if you run across any cool smorgasbord stuff...will you let ME know? Grrr....some dude bought an entire pile of signs from her.

    Have a beautiful trip!

    : )

    Julie M.

  16. hey girlie - ahhh sounds like SO MUCH FUN...so you gotta go check out Hunt & Gather (which is pretty close to an Anthro shop and some other cute little garden shops, etc.) Here is the site - http://huntandgatherantiques.com/about.html

    also - not sure if next weekend is this weekend 3/17 or the next but this place is having their occasional sale THIS weekend 3/17...http://www.omustardmoon.com/

    Have fun and let me know what you find!

  17. Lucy YOU!!! ~ Sounds like you deserve it... Don't buy EVERYTHING at Hunt & Gather - I'm headed there weekend after YOU!!! Can't wait to SEE/HEAR about your adventures...
    Jeanine, ChiPPy!-SHaBBy!

  18. can I stow away in your vintage samsonite suitcase???

  19. I am so jealous right now....But I'm so very happy for you. Eat a cupcake for me and have a great time!

  20. Ahem, Mary!! Hello!!! Email me girl, jillbeth@aol.com...I can totally hook ya up! Are you coming for Kenny too? I am going! Would love to see ya - if it works, I am in the middle of getting ready to move!
    Look forward to hearing from ya!

  21. How fun, I love road trips with the girls!

    I triple the nomination for Hunt and Gather(that's close to me :) ) Another one I didn't see mentioned yet but is a 40 minute drive out of the cities is Ramshackled Treasures here's their facebook page:

    Have a blast!

  22. shopping, road trip with the girls and a cupcake for breakfast..sounds like perfection!! can't wait to hear all about it! :)

  23. I LOVE Hunt and Gather Antiques in Minneapolis: http://huntandgatherantiques.com/. There are TONS of "chippy" items, and even more really cheap fun stuff like old flashcards, typewriter keys, croquet balls, and other items that you can work into a vignette for a SUPER low price.

  24. I'm just about to start planning my next buying trip which will focus around this year's Brimfield show. I cannot wait!

    Have a fabulous time girling it up and filling your truck with treasures.

    PS. Show us what you all found when you get back!

  25. Carver and Chaska have their occasional sales this weekend...
    1) Nature of Things (Carver)
    2) Mustard Moon (Carver)
    3) Seasons (Carver)
    4) Ms. Macs too (Carver)...NEW shop!
    5) Linda's Cellar (Chaska)
    There are a few other shops in the area you can ask about.

    Hunt & Gather is always fun. Art + Architecture is a cool place, too. They are both in Minneapolis.

  26. I hope you have an amazing time!! Just wanted to say thanks a million for the Target gift card! Just got it in mail yesterday! While you're junkin it up in MN, I'll be enjoying some retail therapy at Target! ;)

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  28. Can I come too! I have my eye out for those exact chairs. Have fun!

  29. A girlfriend getaway sounds lovely! Even better, a junkin trip with your girlfriends : ) I hope you find your 6 french bistro chairs. I already have two at home and would like to find 4 more to complete my patio set. Have a fun, safe trip!


  30. Drive safe Mary...and have a great time! (love your inspiration photos)

  31. Have a fantabulous time. I love Hunt & Gather as well....and if you can stop in Stillwater, that's a fun town too.

  32. Glad I'm not the only one who works and works and works without a break ;0) A junking roadtrip sounds awful good right now...have fun! Blessings, Katy

  33. Can I come, please!!
    I so need a break :)
    I love that last pic with the mirrors, so funny, I have been looking for mirrors for my foyer today...strange.....
    hmmm...mabye we are sisters :)

  34. hunt & gather ... has that been mentioned? ha ha.
    loft antiques ... just down 50th from h&g.
    hopkins (a suburb) has great antique shops, as does anoka (a northern outer ring suburb).
    as you cross the river into minnesota, stop in stillwater. antiquey goodness.
    city salvage in minneapolis (architectural salvage)
    architectural antiques (minneapolis)

    phooey ... you're coming to mpls just as i'm heading to YOUR neck of the woods! guess i'll have to stalk you some other time. ;o)

  35. I will just reiterate what the others have said. Round Barn is a must...check out Lori's blog. There are others in Anoka and Chaska. It seems that part of the country is peppered with great places. Have a ball.

  36. A roadtrip with gitly drinks and cupcakes for breakfast! Now that is a GOOD time! Have so much fun and take lots of pic's for us! Drive safe!
    Have a pretty day!

  37. Thats really a great break idea for stressed girls. The sound of cupcakes and girl bonding is really nostalgic and therapeutic. Have fun in hunting!

  38. Hello! If you are driving up I-35, you must stop at "The Painted Porch." It is located in the Medford Outlet strip mall. Medford is located between Owatonna and Faribault. Yes, I know an outlet mall sounds like a funny location for a store full of vintage items and antiques. I live in Western South Dakota and every time we visit our MN relatives, I stop at "The Painted Porch." You're just gonna love it! Trust me...it's well worth stopping! Their phone # is 507.446.0143. Their web is paintedporchmn.com. I haven't visited in a while and it just gives me goosebumps to think about this great shop. Have fun! I'm envious!

  39. Hello! It's the handy girl again. I just read some of the previous posts and saw that the Chaska and Carver areas are having their monthly sales this weekend. You must hit that area! That is my old stomping grounds. My entire cottage in the Badlands is filled with items I have culled from them over the past ten or so years. If you go, please tell Linda, at Linda's Cellar, that Kathy Brown says hello. I used to teach her children in school! Also the gals at Mustard Moon in Chaska should remember me as well. I used to teach at the little country school just up the hill from Carver...East Union. Oh, now I am really envious, and a bit homesick as well. Have so much fun!

  40. I heart Minn. too! the first time I went was last Sept/...and I was in love! Have lots of fun...I cannot wait to get to Hunt & Gather next time!

  41. Hi...not sure if you've left for MN yet but if you want good chippy furniture and cheap, the fabulous Jane Hall of Mustard Moon (www.omustardmoon.com) is having her occasional sale this weekend (Saturday is the last day). It's located in Carver, MN and there are a few other shops next to Jane's as well. Stillwater is nice but very over priced. And if you have time, just across the bridge (interstate 94 East) into Hudson Wisconsin is St. Croix County Dry Goods and Abigail Page Antiques...both reasonably priced with good treasures. Have fun in MN...we should be in the 50's while you're here!

  42. I would love to follow you around on a road trip. You have such great taste. Hope you find all the treasures you're looking for and then some.
    Cheers, jj

  43. Red Stone in Eden Prairie is delicious. So is Pittsburgh Blue in Maple Grove...to die for red velvet cake. Oh and Punch Pizza is to die for! There is a cute little cupcake shop on 50th and France not far from Hunt and Gather that has GOOD GOOD GOOD cupcakes. I'm just sayin'! Wish I was going to be here too. I'd love to hook up and go treasure hopping with you. All the occasional sales were last weekend, so my mind is drawing a blank. But you already know about one of the best! Have a ball:)

  44. I so want to go junk shopping there! I have not been able to get the patience to drive 6 hours though... Your girlie road trip will be the best way to pass the time though! "Vintage Road"... Are you kidding me?! Amazing! I bet you ki da want to steal that sign...I would want to, but then I wouldn't because, well, it's wrong to steal, LOL ;)

  45. Hi! I am a Minneapolis resident and I love to frequent the architectural salvage shops here! I did a few blog posts about my favorite ones...
    Guilded Salvage in NE http://hammersandhighheels.blogspot.com/2011/02/northside-architectural-salvage-stores.html
    Bauer Brothers Salvage in North
    Architectural Antiques in NE

    You HAVE to see these places! Hope you have fun in Minneapolis! If you can stop by some of the restaurants downtown on Nicollet!
    Carla http://hammersandhighheels.blogspot.com