Tuesday, March 15, 2011

did someone say roadtrip??

 I am in need of some sort of therapy. A break. An escape. Downtime. I never allow myself to have those things. I just work. And work. And work some more. There is only one cure for me when I find myself working more than I am living. And that, my friends, is a little time with the girls and lots of junk shopping! Next weekend I am going to bust out the GPS and hit the road. I am ready for girly drinks, a cupcake for breakfast every day and lots of singin' in the car on our 6 hour ride north!



I {heart} Minneapolis. It is such an awesome city.

( I came across this road totally by accident last summer when I was junking my way through Minnesota! I couldn't believe it!)

 We have a few things planned...but I am looking for some help from my Minnesota girls.

(I will be on the hunt for 6 old chairs like this...)

Anyone out there from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area that can give me some info on shops that are a 'must see' while we are there?? Our time is limited...so I want to hit the best spots that have the best goods. If you know my blog, you know what I like. White, chippy, maybe a little industrial mixed in...ooohh...and I LOVE me some architectural salvage! I know a few places in the Twin Cities thatare my usual stops, but always love a new lead!

(And I need about 4 more old mirror for a feature wall in my foyer, too...)

Please let me know of any junk shops, antique shops, restaurants or the place to get the best cupcake in the Minneapolis area!

(photo #1 & 2 by yours truly...photos #3 & 4...country living)

And don't forget my Shabby Apple giveaway ends Thursday at midnight Central time!