Thursday, March 24, 2011

minnesota or bust!...and a little contest, too!

As I sit and type this, I am 9.5 hours away from my Minnesota roadtrip!

I just want to get on the road...I can't wait!

I was born with wanderlust running through my veins. I totally blame and thank my parents for this affliction. Growing up, Mom and Dad would pile all 8 kids (plus my Dad's "little brother" from the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program, he was like the 9th child in our family) and head out to places unknown. I have such vivid memories of going down backroads in our huge Ford search of history, nature, adventure...any and all of agenda or plans...just to see where life would take us.

I still take trips like that, and I love every minute of it.

But this time, I do have an agenda.

I have a date.

With a man.

And don't worry, the hubs knows all about it. He lets me have a date with this man about 4 times a year.

Before this gets sounding too weird, here is a hint...

Anyone recognize him??

If you can look at that photo and know who I am talking about simply
by the jeans and rippling back muscles we are destined to be best friends, so call me ok?

I know the photo, is a little dark...I took it when we had our "date" last year. my hubs just rolls his eyes when I come home from these outings with photos like this as the screensaver on my phone. Hee...hee!

He has a voice that makes me all swoony.

And those jeans aren't so bad either....


Tomorrow night he is going to put those tight jeans on and sing to me. Yes, me. Ok, ok, so there are going to be 27,999 other people in the room. Details...details...I won't even notice, and I am sure he won't either. Or at least that is what I am telling myself. 

 Tomorrow night is my moment to be totally shallow. And silly. And school-girl like. 

I work hard the other 364 days of the year. I deserve a little silliness now and then, don't you think??

Oh, and if you happen to be one of those 27,999 people that are crashing my "private concert" and are maybe looking for me afterwards...I will be in the back lot trying to sneak onto a tour bus in hopes of living the rest of my life on an island in the Caribbean.

But, should I get caught...and booted off said bus, Saturday you can find me flitting all around the Minneapolis/St. Paul area shopping and packing my car with vintage goodness.

And maybe stuffing myself with a few of those cupcakes I mentioned the other day.

Anyone want to follow along on my little roadtrip adventure??

There are a few secret places along the way in Wisconsin I ALWAYS stop at because I know they hide the best "junk" in those little towns! Follow along and I will give you a little preview and show you some of my favorite places to shop as I head North! I can't wait to see what I can come home with.

Unfortunately, I doubt it will be the man in the tight jeans I referred to in photo #1.

By now, you've gotta know who I am talking about...but just to make it fun...take a guess and leave me a comment telling me who.
. When I get back, I will pick a winner from the correct guesses and you will win a little somethin' somethin' I picked up on my trip!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend, girls!

I know I will!

* wink...wink... *