Monday, March 21, 2011

...and the SHABBY APPLE dress winner IS....


Anita is from Iowa and happens to be a vendor at the same flea market I sell at in St. Charles, IL! I couldn't believe it when Random picked her number! I think this means I should see her wearing the Bali Ha 'I' dress while she is selling this summer, don't you!? Her booth is full of vintage goodness so I think a vintage-inspired dress would add nicely to the mood of the market!

Congratulations, me, so I can pass your address on to Shabby Apple!

Happy Monday, girls!

I am off for a long day at my warehouse. I have my first show coming in only 5 weeks and I have about 6,295 pieces of furniture to paint. Ok, it is really more like 85...but it feels like 6,295! My obsession this week seems to be wallpapering the insides of the drawers with vintage maps. So pretty!


  1. Hey just thinking of you and hoping your Mother in-law is doing well!

    My husband and son drove through Rockford last week. Even drove through our old neck of the woods to take a picture of the old house. He said the house next to us is falling apart and the other is for sell. The neighborhood was cute when we lived there, honest!


  2. Congratulations Anita!!! Whooo hooo--how happy you must be!!

  3.! Thanks for the birthday present! How did you know my birthday was this week, Mary? And you can bet your paintbrush you will see me wearing that this summer! Cute idea to line the drawers with maps- but time consuming. I have a cupboard I am looking fro- am sending you details via email.

    Thanks and hugs!


  4. Hi,

    This is my very first time here... you have an amazing blog! You truly do!

    Have a Beautiful Spring!


    Luciane at

  5. Congrats to Anita! Best of Luck with the show & painting~Cheers Kim

  6. LUCKY ANITA!!!!
    Have a pretty day!