Monday, July 11, 2011

dash & albert rug questions - help!

I am in the middle of a little make-over of my home office. I brought in a farm table I had sitting in my warehouse for the last couple of years...bought a beautiful white slipcovered chaise for the corner...and now I am have thoughts of a rug swirling around my brain.

Specifically, Dash & Albert rugs.

And I have a few questions for anyone out there that may own one...or maybe has a shop that sells them...or just dreams about them the way I do.

One thing I really need to heavy are they? Are they going to wrinkle every time I try to move my desk chair, which is on wheels?? That would drive me insane, so someone please give it to me straight if that is the case. I will forgo the whole rug idea for this room. I am looking at a 6'x9' rugs for this space, if that makes a difference.

Second easy are they to clean? My dog, Jake, apparently thinks I cannot function for a moment without him by my side, so as I sit at my computer (or lounge in my chaise watching a little TV when I am really supposed to be working...shhhh!) he lays in the room with me right where this rug would be going. He tends to shed...and I have to vaccuum...well...daily. Thank goodness for the invention of the Roomba! But, if he wanders in after being outside with a muddy paw or two am I going to freak out after finding I can't clean it up?

And lastly...what is your favorite Dash & Albert rug?? I can go any direction with this room. At the moment, it is a wonderful, dreamy white. I could go bright and fun or neutral and rustic. There are so many gorgeous rugs, its so hard to choose!

Thank you for your help, girls! I can't wait to read your comments! You know how you get a project in your brain and you want to finish it...well, like...yesterday? Yeah, that is the stage I am at right now. I just want to get it done!