Monday, July 18, 2011

totally random...

I just realized how little I have posted this summer. Between trying to keep up with furniture orders, getting ready for shows, getting my mother-in-law moved into assisted living and her home ready to be sold...the time has flown by so fast!

So today I thought I would check in...say hello...and release a few of the random thoughts floating around in my head.
Here we go...

- I went to a county fair on Saturday night. I love a good fair! What could be better than farm animals and food on a stick?? Oh, and cute farmboys, lets give them and their tight jeans a little credit for the ambience at a fair. {wink...wink...}

-  Anyone out there have a magic cure for summer allergies you can share?? I am miserable. It is like having the worst cold of your life...that never goes away. I've tried Zyrtec, Singular, Claratin...they provide zip in the relief department. Ugh. Help. Please.

- It is going to be HOT here today. So it is Barbeque Chicken Pizza done on the grill for dinner...oh, and  Margaritas are on the menu, too. We must stay hydrated on a hot day, you know.

- Right now I am drinking lemonade. And I put frozen strawberries in it rather than ice cubes. It is my very favorite summertime drink. You should try it.

- Remember my post about wanting a white slipcovered chaise for my office? Well, Ilast week I bought the 'armless' Etktorp chaise from Ikea. *LOVE* it!

- Have you ever had a fried Snickers bar?? I am just taking a survey. I did not partake. I was too scared. Fried foods kinda freak me out. But I do love a Snickers ice cream bar. Those things are so bad, yet soooo good.

- As I type this I am looking out the window at my sister's Hydrangeas (she lives next door). Hers are huge and pink and beautiful. Mine are dinky and barely blooming. What??

- It is 12:41 and I am still in my pjs. Oh, how I love being my own boss.

- I found a beautiful quilt at a garage sale this weekend for $3! Three bucks!? That was an awesome moment.

 - I am trying to plan a vacation for the Hubs and I in December. Any ideas for me? We are thinking Key West. Anyone visited during the winter months? Is it going to beach weather...or no?

Ok, thats all I got for today. I will be amazed if any of you made it to this end of that post, and didn't click off somewhere around random thought #3. I am off to paint furniture in my garage. I brought 4 dressers home from my warehouse just so I could go in and out of the air conditioning today. I am such a whimp.

Stay cool, girls! I will be back tomorrow to share an up-and-coming roadtrip!