Wednesday, September 14, 2011

country living fair...I'm off!

Au revoir!

I am off to the Country Living Fair in Ohio today!

And thanks to all the fabulous suggestions yesterday, I have lots of places to stop along the way! I am super excited about visiting the flea in Springfield, OH and the Pottery Barn Outlet, too. I have a feeling I am going to pack the car before I even get to the CL show! Good thing I remembered to pack a few boxes, packing paper and some tape. A girl should always travel prepared, you know!

I will be back on Monday with lots of photos, but until can find me on Twitter yaking on about my adventures, my finds and whatever random thoughts pop into my head while I am on the road...again!

Want to follow along?? You can find me on Twitter under the name {urbanfarmgirlco}.

 Ahhhh....have I ever told you how much I love a good roadtrip?? Yeah...yeah...I know I have many, many times!  

Oh, and the photo above has absolutly nothing to do with my trip...I just found that stack of books at a sale over the weekend, they may soon find their way to my Etsy shop! Aren't they pretty?? {wink...wink...}

Did I mention there is something FUN in it for you, too?? I am going to host a giveaway when I get back! What kind of girl would I be if I went to all these fabulous places and didn't bring a souvenir back for my friends?! I promise I'll make it a good one!

Have a great week...and weekend, too!

{On a sidenote: Blogger isn't letting me leave comments on your blogs...again. Anyone know what is up with this? Ugh. Wordpress is looking better and better all the time. Grrrr...}