Monday, September 12, 2011

roadtrip time...suggestions needed!

I can't believe how absent I have been from blogging this summer! I have just been so overwhelmed with painting furniture and orders...I totally lost my mojo for a while. But, now that my show season is winding down...I feel it coming back again!

I am leaving for a little trip on Wednesday, and I can't wait. A little R&R before selling at my last show of 2011...and I am READY! I am hoping it will be me in the mood for projects I have to start around the house and making things pretty for fall!

I am heading here...

to the Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio.

I am super excited to take in all the beautiful displays and shop my little heart out. Oh, and I am also VERY excited to meet up with this cutie blogger while I am there, too! Stacey is just so sweet and I just know we are going to love spending a little time together while we are away! So funny that we only live about an hour away from each other...but we are meeting up 3 states away from where we live! Isn't the blog world fantastic that way??

Ok, back on track here regarding the trip. I am leaving Wednesday so I can hit every little antique shop and junking spot along the way! I know I showed this to you in a post before...but thought I would put it out there one more time...just in case any of you had a new ideas of where I could stop along the way.

Here is what I need from you, my fabulous readers...where should I stop to shop along the way?? We will be spending our first night in Indianapolis...then on to Columbus on Thursday. The Country Living Show starts Friday, so I will have some time to spend checking things out.

In know of a few bloggers that have shops along my route...but I don't want to miss anything so PLEASE share with me if you know of a shop that I just can't miss! There may even be a little sometin' somethin' in it for you when I get back!


Happy Monday girls, it is sooo good to be back!

I missed you!