Monday, September 12, 2011

roadtrip time...suggestions needed!

I can't believe how absent I have been from blogging this summer! I have just been so overwhelmed with painting furniture and orders...I totally lost my mojo for a while. But, now that my show season is winding down...I feel it coming back again!

I am leaving for a little trip on Wednesday, and I can't wait. A little R&R before selling at my last show of 2011...and I am READY! I am hoping it will be me in the mood for projects I have to start around the house and making things pretty for fall!

I am heading here...

to the Country Living Fair in Columbus, Ohio.

I am super excited to take in all the beautiful displays and shop my little heart out. Oh, and I am also VERY excited to meet up with this cutie blogger while I am there, too! Stacey is just so sweet and I just know we are going to love spending a little time together while we are away! So funny that we only live about an hour away from each other...but we are meeting up 3 states away from where we live! Isn't the blog world fantastic that way??

Ok, back on track here regarding the trip. I am leaving Wednesday so I can hit every little antique shop and junking spot along the way! I know I showed this to you in a post before...but thought I would put it out there one more time...just in case any of you had a new ideas of where I could stop along the way.

Here is what I need from you, my fabulous readers...where should I stop to shop along the way?? We will be spending our first night in Indianapolis...then on to Columbus on Thursday. The Country Living Show starts Friday, so I will have some time to spend checking things out.

In know of a few bloggers that have shops along my route...but I don't want to miss anything so PLEASE share with me if you know of a shop that I just can't miss! There may even be a little sometin' somethin' in it for you when I get back!


Happy Monday girls, it is sooo good to be back!

I missed you!


  1. Have fun on your trip. Wish I were closer to your route. I would love to clear out my garage. lol It was nice chatting with you at Kane.

  2. Have fun, I know you will find all kinds of places to stop.
    That CL show is on my bucket list. lol

  3. i wish i knew where to tell you to stop...
    BUT woo hoo, it's almost CL Fair time...can hardly contain my excitement!
    someone told me there is a flea the same weekend as CL in Springfield, OH which is near's supposed to be pretty good.

  4. there is an awesome antque mall in lancaster, ohio called the olde shoe factory. its about 45 mins from ohio village where country living is but its worth the trip! and there are plenty of antique stores on high street in downtown columbus (if you go down there make sure you stop and eat a thurmans, yummy!) and the springfield flea market is a must go to as well!

    bloggers not letting me comment but my email is if you need more suggestions!

  5. If you can squeeze it in, you MUST stop at the Springfield, Ohio Extravaganza flea market being held this weekend at the Clark County fairgrounds. It starts on Friday and goes through Sunday, although I have heard that many of the vendors leave early on Sunday. It is gigantic and takes all day to go through. It is about an hour prior to getting to Columbus and people come from states all around.
    I live in Columbus and would love to meet you. Where will you be staying? I would love to meet up for dinner if you don't already have plans.

  6. Oh I wish I were going. You are too far north of my haunts...Have a great time!! Can't wait to see your finds!!

  7. I agree with Cindy of Custom Comforts - go to the Extravaganza in Springfield. I went to the Country Living Fair in Columbus two years ago and was really disappointed because I was expecting "fabulous" and it was "so-so". We found out about the extravaganza, bee-lined it there on Saturday and felt like we hit the bonanza! It was awesome!


  8. Have a fun and safe trip, Mary!! Wish I were going!!


  9. Since I am north east of you I am no help and I am sure you already know of the things close to you that I would know.
    Have a safe trip and we all look forward to hearing about everywhere you hit.

  10. I will be there on Saturday. I'm going to wear a pink flower. If you see me.....white hair.....come say hello. I live only about 30 minutes from the fair.....sorry don't have an ideas from where you are headed.

  11. You must visit the Midland Market in Indianapolis. You may have already heard of it because it is amazing!! My husband and i lived in Indy for about a year and a half and it is the thing i miss most about that city!

  12. Hi Mary,
    I just love your blog. You are so incredibly talented! I have a question for you. When you paint your furniture, do you put a top coat/sealant on (like a wax or poly)? I want to paint my end table white, but thinking of just leaving it and not putting on a sealant, as I don't want to give the paint a yellow tint. Wanted some expert advice. :) I would really appreciate it. I am new to this "painting furniture" thing.


  13. as a columbus native here are some of my favorites:

    on high st in old worthington- pure cottage

    on high st in clintonville- sew to speak (sewing shop), cottage street, down memory lane, eclectiques antique mall, sobo style, wholly craft

    oh high st in the short north- bloomsbury loft, funky and functional, bungalow home, grandview mercantile, flower child vintage

    in grandview- objects for the home, reuse it

    other antique malls to check out are heritage square antique mall (east side of columbus) or the greater columbus antique mall (south high st)

    this list is a mix of places for inspiration and places to find great deals. safe driving on the trip and perhaps we will run into you at the fair!

  14. WHAT? I thought your route was bringing you more South than that! heehee! You need to see the enamel pot in hazel :) Have fun selling and shopping!

  15. just did a similar trip and will give you the name of a GREAT antique shop when i get home--all my info is at home--BUT the main purpose for our trip to Ohio was the POTTERY BARN OUTLET! It is right on your way--near Dayton--and I have a name of a GREAT very different shopping center in Dayton--very cool-all info at home for now here are some pics of the Ohio PB Outlet
    It is not as big as the one I go to in Texas--but there were some GREAT buys!! Will get the antique shop info and Dayton shopping center info to you this afternoon!!
    chris f

    September 13, 2011 8:50 AM

  16. Hi this is Chris from
    my post above would not let me sign in under my blog name--
    I will get some info to you this afternoon..

  17. Well, it's just the teensiest bit out of your way, but I think you should swing through Montana on your way. I'll take you to the awesome packed to the gills barn just down the street from me, and then we'll come back home and sit on my porch and have some iced tea.
    Sound like a plan?

  18. I wish I was going with. But don't forget about Sobo- Rhubarb Reign is having a trunk show there and Sandy's pictures of Katy's store always make me wanna hop in the car and go. Have a GREAT time and if you go to the Pottery barn Outlet (as one commenter suggested) I have a short (ok, not so shor) list! :) Hugs!

  19. hi, hope you haven't left Indy yet, The Goodwill store there is awesome! They have the best furniture! Have you ever seen I live in Cbus and yes, head to springfield on saturday! It WILL NOT dissappoint! Try eating at NorthStar Cafe they have 3 locations centrally and 1 in the burbs. SOBO style is great with multiple other cool stores around - there is super cool vintage clothing shop right there. Objects for the home in Grandview. Right across from CL by the McDonalds is Columbus Architecture - reclaimed pieces - pricey but super cool!
    Maybe i'll see you friday!

  20. I'll be there too! Only, I'll be shopping. I go every year to drool over everyone's creations and absorb the beautiful atmosphere. I can't wait to see what you bring!

  21. ditto on midland

  22. Oh wow that sounds like a super fun road trip! The boxes and packing tape are definately a great idea. If I remember correctly , there may be a place to ship to yourself right there at the country living fair! ( I believe last year there was) I will be set up in tent 5 artisan tent ,if you get the chance stop by and say hello:)
    Have a wonderful trip , and good luck in your treasure hunting!

  23. Agree with everyone on Springfield. There is also The Paris Market and some other small places in Powell (north of C-bus). Plus, you HAVE TO -- and I mean HAVE TO get Jeni's Ice Cream while in town!!

  24. Loved seeing your map and thinking that I grew up in Rockford. We are currently retired in Florida and enjoying trash to treasure.