Thursday, May 17, 2012

who is coming out to shop Nada???

I have been such an 'absent blogger' lately. 

Busy doesn't even begin to describe how I have been feeling. I went straight from the Kane County Flea two weekends ago to having contractors at my house every day working on the exterior. I will have to get you up to speed on what has been done around here. I am soooo excited with the changes. New roof...soffits, gutters and siding in the peaks above my painted brick.

{sigh...} I love change. 

So anyway...between all of the stuff going on at home and getting things ready for this FABULOUS show...

which is TOMORROW...and SATURDAY, too!

Need info on where to find it?? Check out Anne Marie's site here for the scoop. 

I am really, truly hoping to snap some pics as I am loading the truck later today. I admit, I have good intentions and then it doesn't always happen but I am going to do my best!!

BUT...JUST IN CASE I DON'T GET THEM UP TONIGHT...there are two ways you can follow along and get a sneak peek at our booth and our goods at the show!

You can follow along of my Facebook page here...or Twitter here

I will be posting as we set up! Check in to get a sneak peek at what we have so you can make a mad dash as soon as the gates open! I have a HUGE pile to load tonight...antique chandis, painted signs, cool furniture, white ironstone, old wood cubby finds....just about one of everything you can think of!

Hope to see you there tomorrow! 


  1. Sounds fun:) One day I WILL be at a show where you have your 'sea of white'!

  2. Sounds wonderful!! I would love to attend either one of these days!! I live...not too far away in Indiana:)

  3. My sister and I will be there! We can hardly wait.

  4. i am going to try to visit you tomorrow night. fingers crossed. i love your finds!

    your newest follower and hoping you'll follow back when you catch your breath!


  5. I'm so bummed...I just know you gonna have the best stuff.

  6. Well, heck...I'd be there in a heartbeat if you'd just swing on by and pick me up!
    It's not THAT far out of your way... ;-)

  7. I am so sad I cannot make it. With 3rd Sunday set up on Saturday we just couldn't do it. One flea is going to be on my agenda though. I need to see you!!
    Can't wait to see the house changes!

  8. I wish I was going to be there. I can't wait to see everyone's photos. Have a good time!

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