Monday, May 14, 2012

finally! pics from the flea!

Ok, so I think I was going to post these photos last week...but as usual I had a million things going on and  it just never happened. I had contractors here all week working on the exterior of my house. YAY!!

The flea market last weekend was...well...interesting. Saturday rocked! We saw so many people, and sold our usual amount for a Saturday. But then Sunday rolled around, and some wicked weather came with it. Oh yeah, it was super fun -  thunder and lightening and some of the hardest rain I have seen in a while. Not exactly my favorite way to start off the flea market season. 

I snapped a few pics when I could. I just took them quick with my little point and shoot, so they are not the best...but I can at least show you some of my usual 'goods'. 

If I had a thousand of these tall cabinets at the show, I swear I could have sold every one! It was by far the  'most wanted' for the weekend. It is an old art deco vanity that I took apart and modified so I could stack it and make a tall cabinet. I have one similar to this coming to the Nada Barn Sale this weekend, too. 

Dressers with mirrors are always a perfect for a little girl's room!

I had a HUGE queen headboard, is super tall and ornate. Just a cool piece for a bedroom. 

12 drawers...can you believe 12 drawers?? I don't think in 12 years of doing this I have ever had a piece with 12 drawers. Let's say the number 12 one more time, shall we?? 

Twelve. Frenchy. Curvy. Beautiful. Drawers. 

I had a few twin beds, gray and white dressers, nightstands and mirrors. (By the time I took this pic all the large frames had been picked off my back wall but I will bring more next month, I promise!)

This bench will be at the Nada Farm sale this weekend!

And just so you know, this is the heaviest dining room table I have ever, ever painted. Solid oak. Heavy.  Love those curvy legs. 

Next stop - NADA FARM SALE!!!! 

Anyone out there coming to shop?? I am SUPER excited to just have a fun weekend! The weather is going to be beautiful!

I will be working on getting everything ready this week. I hope I can squeeze in a few preview pics so those of you that are coming can get a little peek into what I am bringing! Today I have 200+ pieces of English ironstone to price today! That is...if I can part with them. 


Ok, I better get busy! I have a full day - and my contractors are coming back! Today is siding, soffit and gutter day! Who knew new gutters could make a girl so happy!