Tuesday, May 29, 2012

looking for a new home...

Looking for a new, loving home...

one beautiful, brand new...Ralph Lauren quilt.

King Size...Maybrook pattern. 

Soft blues, white and pink.

{Perfect farmhouse style}

For some reason I took it out of the package, but never unfolded and it has never been used.

I love this pattern and colors so much...but the room I planned on using this in went a different direction the moment I found an antique dresser with chippy old paint that I just couldn't resist. I thought someone out in blog land would like to like to have the chance to own this one, as I think it is a discontinued pattern.

$80 includes shipping (within the continental US) if anyone would would like it!

{the quilt has been SOLD...a big thank you to all that responded! I will be posting more things in the next few days!}

Just drop me an email at urbanfarmgirlandco@yahoo.com.

Today is the hub's birthday so we are off to celebrate! I have a fun day planned for him...but first I have a peanut butter cake to make. The hubs looooves peanut butter, so I hope it turns out yummy!


  1. That quilt is beautiful! Someone is going to be so happy to have this.
    Peanut butter cake? Yum...should be fabulous!

  2. Beautiful quilt . . . Peanut Butter cake sounds like a REAL birthday treat . . . Enjoy the day with your birthday guy!

  3. Love the quilt...I have a similar one and I love the look too! Someone will snap it up...that's a good price! Enjoy the birthday day!
    Blessings, Lorraine

  4. That is cute - someone is gonna be really really happy! Have a great day - YAY for peanut butter cake!

  5. Darn, that quilt was very nice, i would have loved to have it on my bed!

  6. SHOOTSKIES! that would have been perfect here!

  7. Lovely quilt! I would LOVE the peanut butter cake recipe!! I have tried a couple but they were dry so I need a good recipe!! Please. ;)