Monday, June 18, 2012

Disney loves vintage, too!

I never really had a 'dream job'. You know, that one thing you dream about as a kid that you want to be when you grow up. I have such vast interest in so many things, I could never really commit to that one thing I reaaaalllly wanted to do. Well last week while I was on vacation I finally figured it out. I NEED to be a prop stylist for DisneyWorld!! Or at the very least the buyer of their vintage goods!

If you have ever been to Disney, have you really taken a minute to notice the details?

Vintage is EVERYWHERE...shops, resorts, restaurants, the exterior design to their buildings, the rides...even the bathrooms. I was in vintage heaven. I felt like I was on a treasure hunt all week, just to see what they were using and how they were using it. 

This is one of the windows for the candy shop on Main Street in Magic Kingdom. Isn't that cash register awesome?? I would love one someday when I have my own little shop...

The amount of vintage lighting around the parks and resorts is amazing! There are warehouse lights and gooseneck lamps at every turn. I found these lighting up a 'faux' newsstand at Hollywood Studios. 

I have confirmed why it is so darn hard for me to find one of these amazing antique trophy cups at an antique shop. Disney must own every last one. They can be found in almost every shop...holding merchandise or just for display...they were everywhere. It is a very mean and 'unmagicall' thing for Disney to tease me with all these vintage wares, yet not let me purchase a single one!

Vintage bikes were tucked quite a few places...this one is in Hollywood Studios on the street that is supposed to be a movie set for the streets of San Francisco. 

This is inside the Muppets shop...LOVE the shade of blue on those old lockers!

Even the entrance to the bathrooms were decorated with cool old things. This one is on Tom Sawyer Island. 

The gift shop at my resort had a couple of cool old grocery scales...

Locker baskets are another thing that could be found at every turn! Usually they were holding merchandise in a shop, but these were part of a window display. 

 And I always love an old camera...

And the gift shop for the 'Everest' ride in Animal Kingdom had tons of them!

How is this for a sign directing you to a restaurant at Animal Kingdom?? Loooove. And my apologies for the random stroller in the pic. You can find one every 3 feet at Disney, so I lost my will to fight them after a while. Ha!

This awesome 'tickets' sign was outside the House of Blues in Downtown Disney. 

I love the old looks so cool when it is lit up at night. 

Both of these were found in the streets at Hollywood Studios...

So see...there is more to DisneyWorld than Mickey Mouse and long lines for rides! There are so many things to see, and sights to take in. One thing I have always loved is their attention to detail. It is the little things that really make everything feel so 'magical'. 

Hmmm...I wonder I can put in my application for 'vintage prop buyer' is my specialty,  you know! 

Happy Monday, girls! I will be back tomorrow to share one of my favorite summer 'snack' recipes!