Sunday, June 17, 2012

post-vacation randomness...

Despite what you all might think due to my pathetic lack of posting over the last month...I am still here! Summer always gets to me. Every year I tell myself I am going to handle it differently so I am not overwhelmed on a daily basis, but it never works out that way. It is my super-busy, work-like-a-maniac time of year because it is 'show season'. 

I needed a little time to just get away and breathe and have a little fun, so we hopped a plane to DisneyWorld last week with my nephew. It was hot, hot, HOT and steamy (ahhh...gotta love Florida in the summertime!) but it was such a good time! So many incredible memories came from our trip, but now it is back to reality. I already painted 11 pieces of furniture yesterday. And today I am off to spend that day with the fam and make the day all about Dad. 

And just because every post needs a little 'pretty'...I leave you with some of my favorites from my Pinterest boards over the last few days...

If you looked up summer in my personal dictionary...this image would be there. Isn't it dreamy?? Reminds me so much of growing up on our farm. 

And as if Golden Retrievers were not cute enough, someone has come up with a Golden Dachshund. 


I am dying of cuteness overload over here! I just might need one of these some day.

 As much as I loved Disney, I am thinking for my purpose of relaxing and unwinding I should have chosen a spot like this for vacation. 

Sign me up for a patio makeover with a bed in the corner. Love every little thing about it!

Wishing you all a very happy day with your Dads, Husbands, Sons....whoever may be special in your life today!

(all images via my Pinterest boards, original sources can be found there by clicking on the photo)

I'll be back tomorrow! Until then, Happy Weekend!


  1. Hi Mary~~
    Have a great day relaxing!! SOunds like you need a day off:) Those puppies are the cutest ever.

  2. Love all those photos.Yes I too have been super busy.I am not doing shows.But trying to keep my booth filled.Also keeping up with my house and spending time with my daughter during her break = busy busy busy.
    Lucky you sneaking off to Disney World.I am hoping we will be doing the same a year from now.Enjoy your little break you deserve it!

  3. Would you mind sharing where you stayed during your visit to Disney World? We are heading there in October for the first time and have NO idea where to stay!
    And "11 pieces of furniture"?? I have one I have been trying to finish for a month now!! Can't wait to see some pics for inspiration.

  4. Love your vacay pics, but my fav is the little patio daybed. Precious. I want one.