Thursday, July 5, 2012

embarking on the sunroom project...

You may remember a few months ago I talked about shopping for a white slipcovered sofa for my sunroom. I trekked all over the Chicago suburbs plopping my behind into every one I could find. Some were too large, some too hard...some just didn't feel good to sit in. 

Like every other sofa I have owned in my adult life, I ended up buying at Crate & Barrel. Their service and quality are always outstanding and the 'Willow' sofa they offer was everything I was looking for. I have to tell you, the quality of this piece is amazing! I am somewhat of a picky-pants, as my niece calls me, (no idea where she gets these things...) and it passes all my tests.

(don't ask me what that crazy pole is in my yard (you can see it behind the couch). It came with the house and its gotta go!)

It was delivered while I was on vacation...and I have yet to be able to find time to style the room. It is flea market season for me, so I spend my days endlessly painting furniture for other people...but somehow I never get around to doing things for my own home. Funny how that works. 

I thought I would give you a little sneak peek into the room I will be working on this month. 

These shots are not styled. My couch still has the factory-new wrinkles in the slipcover and I have yet to decide on a color scheme for the room. BUT...I have a coffee table I love. One of my very best friends is moving to Florida, and I am the proud new owner of her vintage plank-top coffee table I have been lusting over for 6 years!

It has old white paint...I wish it was a little more worn...but I still love it!

 I have a long way to go...first thing I need to decide on a color scheme. I want the flexibility to change it with the seasons, as I am someone that needs constant change in my decor. 

Then comes the hunting for all the right things to make the room cozy and comfortable. That is the fun part!

Any ideas for me?? 

If this was your all-white room...what color would you use as your summer accent color??