Sunday, July 15, 2012

wishing you a relaxing Sunday...

I had a H-U-G-E garage sale at my house the last couple of days. Lots of girls, lots of laughs and LOTS of work. Does anyone else out there swear off the garage sale for the next year once you wrap up the one you are in the middle of?? I do. Every. single time. But I know I will do it again next year. Hahahaha! Good times. 

Until then...I am going to relax today. 

Wishing I lived in here. Because I have a feeling this cute little cottage isn't that far away from a beach. 


Wishing you all a happy and relaxing Sunday!


  1. Wishing you the love love

  2. Wouldn't that be nice? Just get on that bike and ride to the beach.....

  3. Hope you did well at your garage sale.At least the heat was not too bad.I love that sweet little cottage.I would be there in a second :-)

  4. i have sworn them off! but i am a faithful garage sale shopper and made out like a bandit this weekend!

    have a giveaway goin' on here:
    and hope you win!


  5. Was just getting a ton of traffic from you posting my dresser on Pinterest. Thought I'd head over and see just who this Urban Farmgirl is, great blog!

  6. yes..but for me its every two years. the time span allows me to forget all the blood, sweat and tears involved! lol. this year i waiver between bringing it to the rescue mission/salvation army and writing off the value at tax time or actually going thru the above mentioned to have a garage sale! decisions...decisions!

  7. had a garage sale without me?
    { pouting }

    I'll bet it was rthe bestest garage sale EVER!!!


  8. I totally do that with garage sales too!

  9. piecespassed.blogspot.comSun Jul 22, 08:15:00 PM

    I've seen this exact picture in a magazine, tore it out and hung it in my studio...because my back yard faces a cow pasture instead of a beach, I need some inspiration!!

  10. Looks like this is a nice cottage especially it is near the beach. :)
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