Tuesday, July 3, 2012

kane county flea market - July 2012

I am trying to come up with a phrase to describe this weekend at the flea...


Let's just call it that. 

I didn't have much time to snap pics this month. When the gates opened, it was pure madness. I was turning in circles to help everyone. It was such a great start to what ended up being a very wicked weekend. And it was HOT. Hot, hot, HOT...so if you saw me Saturday morning, my deepest apologies. By the time I unloaded 2 trucks of furniture, I was a hot mess. Literally. 

While white is still my best seller, I decided to bring a few colorful pieces this month. I miss painting things something other than white...so this fulfilled my need for this show. 

I wish I had 100 of this one, I could have sold each and every one. Such a unique style for a buffet...and I finished it in Provence by Annie Sloan. I love the white primer peeking through.

This is such a cute dresser...reminds me of one Pottery Barn has right now.

This is the sweetest pair of twin beds I have ever painted. Such cute detail...and love those curved footboards!

I have to admit...I kinda thought the Kane County Flea Market this past weekend would be my last. Not because I was going to choose to no longer be a vendor....but because I was going to get blown 3 states away in the wicked storm that popped up. It was soooo scary!

Things were flying through the air like we were in a tornado! We ended up getting on the ground behind a big dresser, fearing were going to be hit by something flying through the air. I have never seen anything like it. 

 I know others have done blog posts about their experience this weekend, so you may have already seen the photos. I cannot tell you how awful I feel for those that were outside vendors during the storm. If they didn't pack up before it hit, they lost everything. I was lucky enough to have a roof over my head, but the building I am in is the Arena Building (where they show animals at the fair), so it is really tall and has no sides. I had a front row seat of the carnage that took place this past weekend. 

It was so sad to see these nice people trying desperately to hold onto the legs of the tents while the 80mph winds whipped through their booth. It just wasn't enough. Totes full of merchandise were flying through the air like pieces of paper. I remember seeing lawn chairs made of logs being whipped around the ground like they were made of toothpicks. 

The water was coming so fast it was spraying out the sides of the gutters...my U-haul was in a lake after about 3 minutes. 

This is looking out the front of my booth. Looks like a beach, no??

I was just glad to hear everyone was safe. It was a very scary time, and I feel for all those that were devastated financially by this storm. I can't imagine losing everything, and for some...these shows are their way of living. 

I hope all my Chicagoland peeps will come out to the August show and show support to the vendors that work so hard to do what they love!


  1. I am glad you are alright.I cannot believe how bad those storms were.We live north of Kane almost by the border.And we had Nadda not rain and no storm.We could use the rain but NOT the storm.Glad you sold so well.Your piece are all so pretty.Love that AS color too! I have not tried it yet.

  2. Wow... so sad for all of those who worked so hard to be there and get everything ready.
    Love the blue dresser!!!!

    Hugs From My Heart

  3. That storm was crazy and came through so fast! So glad to hear that everyone was safe, but feel awful for the outside vendors!! I live just west of the KC fairgrounds, off Rt. 38...our front porch furniture somehow ended up in our backyard and some of the cushions were 2 houses over. Just nuts!

  4. Mary, i'm glad you are ok! it must have been so scary. love your new color, so pretty! enjoy your week! susan

  5. Oh my gosh!!! That is so scary!!! Glad you (and all of your items) made it through safely :)

  6. Glad you are okay. We had the winds here in Ohio. i was outside and thought I was in a tornado. We just got power back on but our whole town is a disaster and most still without power. It jusst came out of no where. Hope Mother Natural calms down.

  7. Scary! Glad you are safe.
    I adore those beds. I need to find something like that for my daughter, it is time to get her in a big girl bed!

  8. Happy to hear everyone was safe! And hopefully you are staying cool!

    I love the blue buffet, the pop of color is perfect.

    Happy 4th!

  9. I am finally making it to your blog after admiring your 'booth' at Kane County for nearly a year. I just love looking at your white and bright section of the flea market. It always brings a big smile to my face. We did see you, briefly on Saturday, during the intense heat. Glad to hear you survived the terrible and unexpected storm that came so fast. Scary for sure. Looking forward to seeing you next month. Newest follower, though, I have been an admirer for quite some time :)

  10. Such Beautiful Pieces, I love those darling lil beds-how darling for lil girls-
    Adore your blog and seeing ya on pinterest-

    Have a Happy 4th

  11. Hey Mary! I would have bought those twin beds from you before you ever brought them to Kane! PLEASE let me know if you come across 2 matching twin bed frames like that in the future :-) I need them for our daughters' room. I'm really glad to hear you survived that terrible storm! Some of the accounts sound really scary. I can't even imagine! Hope to see you soon (once I come out of this newborn, sleep deprived phase I'm in). Take care, XO Laura at The Ironstone Nest

  12. Wow! That weather looks scary. Those poor people that were outside...that would be awful. You always have the cutest furniture, Mary! I love that white dresser and the twin beds. I've always wanted my daughter's room to have a set of beds...I think it would be so cute. Hope you have a Happy 4th :)

  13. I love the buffet. So dern cute. That storm sounds so harsh. So glad you were ok. I really really want to get up and see you this summer.

  14. I love the buffet, too! And, those twin beds.....want them!!!! I'm glad you survived the bad weather.....so sorry for the folks that lost their inventory!!!

  15. love the buffet!! Wow... that weather was crazy!! You seem to be around high winds quite a bit.... at least this time you weren't with a bunch of pageant girls!

  16. Oh my....how terrible.
    My thoughts are with all the vendors!

  17. Oh all your pieces are beautiful.. agree you could have sold 50 of those buffets. What a storm....you will always remember that adventure.
    Happy 4th.


  18. My sympathies to the outdoor vendors. They had a rough go of it between the horrible heat on Saturday and the storm on Sunday. We did KC on Saturday and, thankfully, were inside the chocolate shop in Geneva when the storm hit on Sunday. It looked really scary. Adorable buffet, btw.


  19. Wow, we have heard about the storms...but seeing is believing! Where in Chicago are you talking about?? for the next show? My brother and family just moved there....he'd like to know...

  20. Oh my! I'm so sorry for the outdoor vendors that lost so much. I have only done 2 shows and have learn what goes into it.
    Your work is beautiful!

  21. we lost power LAST Friday and still do not have it back from our storms in Virginia....so glad you are safe and I love your furniture!

  22. I love your booth. All your white goodness. I was totally thinking of all of you that crazy Sunday. I was there in the heat on Saturday. I was able to obtain a few good treasures, but that heat was wicked. I have never power shopped like that at the FLea ever. Your pictures reveal how horrible it was Sunday. I was thinking of all of you. I too was out and about. Just on the east side of St.Charles. Thought I could beat the storm and make it to my home just west of the Flea. I was so wrong. Was just crossing the river at Hotel Baker. It's pretty bad when your on the bridge and you can't even see the top of the hotel. Scarry. So many trees just snapped and signs down in the road. Thank goodness we are all living to tell about it and not another Joplin. Missouri story. So scarry. Sounds like the sound of the storm was enough to scare the inside dealers as well though. Will definately be there in August, as I love to go. Hope this doesn't discourage the dealers.

  23. Soooo happy to hear you'll be at the Kane County Flea Market again! You had me nervous for a minute when you said you thought it may be your last time. I haven't had the chance to make it out to your booth yet, (and of course the dates in August don't work for me) but I hope to see you in September! Beautiful work!!

  24. Glad to hear that you are all safe. Rains like this cause a lot of head aches to us. Sometimes, they are even strong enough to make our lights go out.

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