Wednesday, September 26, 2012

pinterest love...and A WINNER!!!

I am back from vacation, trying to get back into the swing of things. It felt good to do a few loads of laundry this morning. Something about laundry...I love doing it. I think it is the fast feeling of accomplishment one gets from putting an armful of wadded up clothes in, shutting the lid and an hour later they are all fresh and clean and looking cute again. I am so weird, I know. Who loves doing laundry, anyway?? Just me.

Since I have been busy with all my post-vacation tasks, you are going to see a few of my Pinterest favorites today. Because every post should have a little 'pretty' in it, don't you think??

Do I really need to say why I love this one?? I mean look at those eyes! And she has the most beautiful coloring I've ever seen. I wish I could put her out in my backyard...until then..I will love her from afar through my Pinterest boards for all things farmy. 


Today I am off to spend some quiet time with my Mama. I had to leave for a pre-planned vacation only a few days after Dad's funeral so I have been missing her. It felt so wrong leaving, but she wanted me to go. And I know Dad would have, too. I get my 'wanderlust' gene from him. 

I can't wait for that autumn Midwest country drive that lies ahead of me this afternoon...I get to wind through the gorgeous hills and farmland near Galena, IL. It is so pretty this time of year!

See you in a few days when I will be back with ANOTHER giveaway! Aren't giveaway's fun?? I love to spread the love of fellow business stop back on Friday for all the details!

Oh, and now for the fun part and the real reason for today's post! The winner of my GIVEAWAY for one of Heather's gorgeous HOMEBOUND magazines...offered for the first time ever IN PRINT!!

WITSEND is the winner!!! Email me your info so I can get it over to Heather! 

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Oh, and did you know can follow along my travels on Instagram?? Just look for me under 'urbanfarmgirlandco'!