Monday, March 29, 2010

diy kitchen love...

I'm doing a little happy dance for Kristin over at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia!

She just heard she is going to be featured in Better Homes & Gardens Special Interest Publication...
Kitchen & Bath Makeovers!

Have you seen her kitchen???

Really, if you have have to.!

I'm even giving you a little preview below...but you can get all the details on her blog.

I was going from blog to blog a few months ago, and stumbled on her kitchen redo...and about fell off my chair. I could not believe the kitchen she has now started out so 'builder basic'. Since then her blog has become one of my favorites, I am always checking in to see what she is up to.

The space was done on a budget...and was totally DIY...well, she had a little help from a painter friend, but who can blame her! Look at all those cabinets! It took a little time, as all good DIY projects seem to. But, she did it a step at a time and the space has evolved into an elegant, comfortable space.

Can you even believe this gorgeous space...

 started out like this????

And she didn't get new cabinets...nope...she used what she had an made them better.

Not just better...incredible!

Seriously, Kristin had a vision...and it was perfectly executed.

I have seen a good make-over or two, but the change in this one is fantastic!

It is so bright...and is it just me...or does it seem about 10x bigger than it started out??

I am loving her floor...and the big window above the sink is fabulous!

On her blog, she even shows step by step how she created that gorgeous island!

And the part that I find more wonderful than the kitchen is that she was lucky enough to have one of the editors from Better Homes & Gardens find her blog and fall in love with her kitchen like I did! That would be the best job ever! sit at my desk and blog-hop all day looking for rooms that make me swoon.

Congrats, Kristin. I am glad your hard work is going to be shown off for the world to see!


  1. that's incredible! it is gorgeous.

  2. I love her's amazing! ~Liz =)

  3. Great makeover! No wonder she is being published. And it is inspiring that she did it step by step on a budget. I have to check out her blog now. Thanks for telling us all about it, Mary!


  4. Hi Mary-
    You are so sweet to feature me like this! I really feel so honored at all the wonderful things you had to say! Hope you are having a wonderful day and thank you so much!

  5. What a transformation! I love how it turned out. I'm heading over to visit Kristin's blog now.


  6. are right Kristin did an AMAZING is beyond looks so fun, bright, bigger, and warm. Love it and so glad you shared it:)

  7. So pleased to have found your lovely blog. you friend's kitchen is great but there's alot more I like too! The chandeliers and especially the junk store finds, just the sort of thing I do here in France. I know I'll be coming back for another longer look.

  8. oh my that is an AMAZING transformation! Well done to your friend to make it to a magazine!!

  9. Kristin's kitchen is so beautiful. I love DIYers. So much inspiration. And oh so lovely. I will have to go over and see her blog.

  10. I love it! I love white cabinets and I love that she didn't buy new. Great DIY example!

  11. She did an awesome job. It's truly beautiful.

  12. Gorgeous Kitchen! Thank you for always stopping in and visiting me! Your blog is a true inspiration! ~lulu