Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Ok, ok...I know I keep going on...and on...and on...about that slightly-oversized Opera House cabinet I have been working on for my living room, so thought I would give you a little sneak-peek.

It is in the home-stretch...I have to do a little distressing...install new glass shelving...and put the sliding glass doors on the front. But I could not wait to show you a little peek.

I am soooo happy I decided to leave the areas that were raw pine natural!

 It is such a beautiful contrast to my white ironstone collection that will be on display inside.

I am in love with that bowl in the center. I have never...ever...seen another one like it. It is a rather large size and has a metal cool! Anyone out there know what it was for? Maybe it had a lid??

I am not sure about the handles...I left them in their original state for now. They look black in the photos, but they are old, and solid brass, so have a great dark brownish-bronze patina to them. I may keep them this way, we'll see.

The inside of the cabinet has a little writing here and there. No idea why...but I love it. I could never paint over it.

Now, did I happen to mention that my beloved cabinet seems a bit too large for my room??

Yeah. Just a little snag in my plan.

It is just so massive, it makes everything else look a little small. I had a feeling that would happen when I bought it, but had to take the chance anyway. My room is 33ftx16 rather bowling-alley-ish. The scale of the cabinet really needs a much larger room...but it is what it is.

And I love it. So it is staying.

For now.

I'm off for another day with the paintbrush. I have a coffee table, 3-drawer bombay chest and a full-length mirror to get done today.

This is a piece I delivered yesterday. Let me tell you, there is nothing like a girly white dresser to make a little girl soooo happy!

 Oh, and Happy St. Patty's Day, girls!