Monday, March 15, 2010


You girls are the best, you know that??

Thanks for all the "where have you been?" emails...I really didn't think anyone would miss me if I was gone from blogland for a week! You sure know how to make a girl feel good!

I have had a lot going on around here...some small things...and some really big things. I am trying to tie up loose ends on something super-exciting so I can make a little announcement to you all next week.

It is something fabulous but scary all at the same time. Aren't those kind of things just the best??...ok, for me only when I look back on them, NOT when they are happening! 

I've been trying to get a few new projects projects started...and finished...around the house...

I've been painting furniture for clients like a crazy woman...I just finished piece #13 this morning...I need a break. And some Girl Scount cookies.

While the paint is drying on those pieces...I try to sneak in a little work on that g-i-a-n-t cabinet I told you about a few weeks ago...I am soooo close to having it done. Hoping to finish it tomorrow and so I can have new glass shelves cut and have it loaded by next week. Here's hoping...

On top of house projects and furniture painting...spring is right around the corner and I am trying to figure out a landscape plan. Lets just say I am much better at painting furniture than designing a landscape. I decided today to hire someone. I just don't have time to do it all. I do need sleep, afterall!

Note to self: Next time I buy a house, I will NOT rip out every plant, every bush and every weed until I have a plan on paper for how to replace it. My poor old house was being swallowed by bushes when I bought it, and I got a little happy with my girl-sized chainsaw.

(all photos from here...I am totally obsessed with her work)

Oh, and I am on the hunt for a spiffy new pair of Hunter rain boots...did you see the ones on Oprah last week with warm little liners you can take out? I fell in Zappos, here I come! I will be needing them when show season rolls around for me in May! It always seems to be cold and rainy that first show of the year! Now...what color to get...hmmmm....

Happy Monday, girls.

Its good to be back.