Friday, March 5, 2010

flea market weekend - woohoo!!


I have been waiting...and waiting for my flea market to open for the season!

Notice, I say my flea market...but it has become such a part of my life...I feel I can call it whatever I want! But really, its known just as the Kane County Flea Market in St. Charles, IL.

I give 7 months of my year to selling there...but this weekend I am getting my shop on, so watch out girls!

I'm bringing my husband...he's got the whole linebacker body style goin' he is going to block for me while I grab what I want to buy.

Ok, so he will most likely be standing there with a coffee holding my purchases looking reeeaaaallly bored while I buy more stuff I don't need.

Here is what I am on the hunt for...

White dishes...all shapes, all sizes...I have a new 8ft wide cabinet to fill lets remember!

Oh, and any old metal things...salt/pepper shakers, platters, pitchers...whatever. I want to mix a little in with the ironstone in the above-mentioned cabinet.

(image: country living)

Mirrors like these...I am filling a wall in my entry and need a couple more. Why oh why did I sell all I had last summer. Ugh.

(image: country living)

I will be hunting for 2 of these...why the heck are they so hard to find right now? Not one antique store in my whole town has one. Geesh! I need one for my office and the other for a guest room reno I am doing. Anyone have one they want to sell?...I didn't think so.

(image: unknown)

Oh, and if I could find one of these I could die a happy woman. I am searching the world over right now for a new farm table. I have one, but it is too small in my new home. I want a nice long one that would seat 8-10. This one may take a while....

(image: Atlanta Bartlett)

And no trip to the flea market would be complete without coming home with a truckload of this...I've got orders stacking up, and I don't like to disappoint!

(image: me)

Wish me luck girls! Hope you all get to go to a flea market this weekend! Here in IL it is going to be 50 degrees - WOOHOO!!! It is about time!

Happy Friday, girls!