Tuesday, March 9, 2010

weekend flea market finds...

I am a road-trip kind of girl.

There are few things I like better than hopping in the car with my hubs and heading somewhere for the day. We always have such a darn good time!

Saturday I had a delivery in the Chicago area, so we loaded up the trailer...hooked up the GPS and took off for the day.

First stop...ESTATE SALE. I love, love, love seeing those words on a sign nailed to a post! Here were my finds at that sale...some are to keep...some are to sell...but hands down favorite was the galvanized metal tool box! How cool is that thing, anyway? I was gushing about it the whole way into Chicago.

At one point, my so-easy-going-you-have-to-check-him-for-a-pulse-sometimes hubs says proudly "my friend's wives want designer jeans and expensive shoes...not my wife, she wants a dirty old toolbox she crawled on the floor under a workbench full of sawdust to get."

He gets me.

After breakfast at a little diner along the way..which, by the way, is a requirement for him spending the day "junking" with me...we were off the the flea market.

First stop at the flea market...to see Anita & Judy aka the Iowa Junk Gyspies! Now, I really shouldn't tell you this or I am going to create competition for myself, but if you don't get early, you will be sorry. Trust me on this. The things on their tables grow wings and fly out of there. They always have stacks of ironstone, tarnished silver, loads of old bottles...you get the idea...really, really good stuff!

I snagged the basket in the photo below...but why the heck didn't I get those finials?? Kick.my.self.

I have a weakness for old glass bottles. I feel the need to buy every one I see. I controlled myself this time...I only came home with 2. That stack of white plates peeking around in the bottom right corner was another kick.my.self moment. Why did I leave those behind?

But here is some of what I came home with...love the vintage pig breadboard. He is going to look fabulous on display in my kitchen. And the ironstone bucket...don't even get my started...I am c-r-a-z-y about that thing! I can't wait to fill it with hydrangeas this summer!

I was on a mission to find a chandelier...or two. I almost let out this really-embarrassing-for-my-husband squeal when I found a vendor that was actually from my town...and was selling chandeliers! Here is one that I think I might buy...if he didn't sell it. The prices were fantastic!

(Yes, I knocked that crooked bulband broke it...I blame it on my excitement.)

They had about 6 of them at the show...all ready-to-hang...they rewire when they need to, all the crystals are in place and this one even had its original ceiling cap! He wanted $150...I think that was a pretty good price!

I didn't buy because I am going over to their house this weekend to see what else they have. He has 15 different chandeliers right now, so I can't wait to get over there to see what else screams "take me home". I am dreaming of an all-glass chandi with crystals for my office.

If anyone is looking for one, drop me an email. I plan on taking more pics while I am there. I know how hard they are to find at a good price, so if you see something you like I can ship it!

Happy Tuesday, girls.

I am off to work on painting my giant 'opera house' cabinet. I am dying to get it done and in place so I can show you! You will never believe it is the same cabinet. Gotta love white paint!