Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm baaack!

Ahhh...summer vacation.

I look forward to it every year, and it so bittersweet when it finally arrives.

Because I know it will too soon be over.

It was a fabulous 10 days, and I have about 1000 photos to go through, but I gave myself 5 minutes to pick a few and do a quick post.

One thing I took away from this trips is that I have decided to buy myself a vintage-inspired bike. Who knows...maybe even a pink one!

I did spot an aqua and cream one at Walmart, of all places, while I was in North Carolina.

 I wonder if Illinois has something so cool? I'm going to check first thing tomorrow.

The beach was fantastic, as always. But why does there always seem to be that one guy that shows up with his metal detector??

I think it is just a ploy to get closer to the girls.

Look you see him??

 Does he really think pirate's treasure has washed up on a tourist beach?? He circled those poor girls about 5 times.

Oh, and here I am with my niece going out to surf.

Ok, ok. So you caught me in a lie.

Maybe 10 years ago I could have fooled you but those days are long gone.

I confess..I was busy eating a Snickers bar as they walked by. My backside hasn't looked like that since about 643 Snickers ago.

Have I mentioned the scenery yet??

The lifeguards water and sand at the beach were gorgeous!

This was "Maverick"..."Goose" was out on patrol while I was stalking his friend.

Maverick (I just love saying that name, was he even born when "Top Gun" was out??) even did a few Baywatch moves for us on the 4-wheeler.

My 17-year old niece was a little swoony over the way his curls blew in the breeze when he rode by. (Ok, ok...caught me in a lie again...I was slightly loving it, too.)

But the highlight of the beach was this nephew William. 10 years old and plucked straight out of Iowa. He was seeing the ocean for the very first time.

Don't you love the "Aunt Mary pleeease stop making me take pictures" pose?? He was so embarassed.

He was a little unsure at first...the waves were a little intimidating...but really wanted to get out there and surf with the other kids.

But I think he changed his mind when he realized the Atlantic was a little colder than he had expected.

I am off to do about 30 loads of laundry...and watch all my favorite shows that are stacking up on the DVR.

Happy weekend, girls!

I'll be back Monday!