Monday, August 2, 2010

a little peek...

Whew...another show at the Kane County Flea Market has come and gone.

It was hot.

I am tired.

I loaded, unloaded, lifted, moved and loaded furniture some more...for 2 days straight.

But, it was a blast as usual!

I made so many little girls smile from ear to ear with a pretty new girly bed...a gorgeous newlywed couple that just started their life in the city were so happy to find a dining room set...and there were oodles of dressers that went to adorn expecting Mom's dream nurseries. When people ask me what I do I always feel so strage saying "I paint furniture"...but today I think I am going to change that to "I help make peoples house pretty and them happy".

I never. Ever. Show photos of my booth at the show on this blog.

Why, you may ask??

Because it is just not "pretty". The logisitics of selling at a show like this are much different than a show where you actually have time to set up and do a "pretty display". Oh, how I long for that! But, it is what it is. I have literally 1.5 hours to unload 2 huge U-haul trucks, put up my tents, get my walls up, hang mirrors and frames, arrange it all and make some sort of display out of 83 pieces of furniture until the customers storm the gate and the games begin!

So here is it in all its un-pretty glory. 

And yes, you are about to see a LOT of white. Hope it doesn't hurt your eyes. Lets just say my customer base in the Chicago area wants white. Bright white. So I give 'em what they are asking for!  

Lets take a little tour, shall we??

Interesting that I see a man contemplating one of my pieces. His wife must have sent him.

This beautiful 1920s bedroom set went to a gorgeous couple that was looking for the first "big girl" bed for their little girl. It was the first to sell, literally within 32 seconds of them stepping in my booth. They have been looking for a couple of months, but this time they came early enough to snag it before someone else did. I am so happy it is going to their home....Thank you Alicia!

This was the tall dresser from the set. Someone else grabbed this one, just as Alicia and her hubby  were securing the rest of the set. I am a little sad it didn't stay together, but it made someone else happy, so that's ok.

The chairs went to various homes, mostly with desks that I sold...but the table was the very last piece to sell. It was so sad sitting there by itself...silly me forgot to show that it had a leaf for expansion. As soon as I got it out, it was gone. I blame it on the heat.

If I had 10 of these dressers, all 10 would have sold. Everyone seemed to be looking for a long dresser this time around. Note to self for next month to bring a couple more...oh, and see that gray mirror?? I am kicking myself for not keeping it!

~ sigh ~

I loved it so. Old gray paint...beautiful shape.

What was I thinking selling that one??

This dresser is done in my new favorite color "Sea Salt"...thanks to a little inspration from Miss Layla over at The Lettered Cottage. I fell in love with the color when she put it on the ceiling in her Reading Room.

This frency headboard was another piece that so many people were drawn too. Isn't that crown fantastic??

This is the dining room set that is going into a little apartment in the city. I was told by the newlyweds that bought it that is was very "Crate & Barrel"...Ha!! They were so excited when they loaded it into their little car.

Bookshelves are ALWAYS popular. Any size, any shape. This one is tall and slender, a rather unique piece.

And last but not favorite dresser. This beauty will be adorning a baby boutique that will be carrying some of my furniture. I love, love, love the mirror!

So there you have it. A little peek inside what happens in my life the first weekend of every month.

When you get it all together in one space like that, it is rather white, isn't it??

Oh, how I love what I do.

And yes, all the furniture in my house is white.

Except 2 pieces.

Husbands ask me that question all weekend long.

~ * smile *~