Sunday, August 22, 2010

trendy? moi??

OK, so I did wear my Keds with no strings back in Junior High.

And I guess I did have big hair back in high school when that was in. And not just big hair. Huge hair.

Ok, so maybe I am a little trendy.

 But I can't believe Megan over at 1 Funky Woman thinks I am a 'trendy blogger' to her I say THANK YOU!

Oh, and you know what is cool? Megan and I just discovered she used to live in my town! And on one of my very favorite streets...Paris Avenue! Wouldn't you love to live on a street with that name? The houses are all gorgeous, as you would guess!

Ok...on to 10 things about be...not that they are at all trendy.

I have a serious obsession with the Strawberry Smoothies from the food counter at Target. Have you tried one?? If not, I want you to go get one today. It is like sucking real strawberries through a straw. But be warned. They are addictive.

 One favorite person in the world to talk to is my 6-year old niece Erin. This girl is dynamite with blonde pigtails. I totallly love her and her sense of humor...that girl has a gift for the one-liner. 

I am a vacationaholic. I am barely home from one trip and I am planning another. I LOVE the discovery of someplace new. Day trip...road trip...flying over the ocean...I love it all! I swear if my sweet husband and I were on Amazine Race, we would sooo win!

Growing up I was in 4-H. What farm kid wasn't?? Is it even around anymore? That is where I explored and learned to love making things, and being creative. I wish it was more popular. It really is amazing what the experience can do for a kid! The ironic thing...I would win State Champion in Woodworking, specifically "Refinishing" every.single.year. Hmmm...the fact that I paint furniture for a living - is that ironic or what???

Every single night I sit in bed and make my "to-do" list for the next day. Does anyone else do this...or I am on the only over-organized crazy woman out there?

I am a "salty" food person. I really could go the rest of my life without a piece of cake...but chips and salsa?? No way. Currently my brand of choice is Tostidos and Pace Medium Salsa. Love, love, love.

I am totally lacking in patience. I have to do everything NOW. If I decided to repaint my bedroom, it has to get done before I go to bed that night. Traffic in the city makes me nuts and if I have to wait in line for longer than a couple of minutes, I swear I die a little inside.

At this very moment I just looked over to see my "inbox" is totally over-flowing on my desk. Ok, so it is more than over-flowing. You can not longer even see that I have an "inbox". And that is sad, because it is a vintage wire basket that I totally LOVE! I hate paperwork. I hate filing. Ugh. I need a Personal Assistant.

I have a tube of Loreal "Pink Grapefruit" lip gloss in my pocket at all times. It is beyond fabulous. If they discontinue it, I am going to freak out...a little.

Mosquitoes do not bite me. Ever. Anyone know why this is????

Oooh...almost forgot I need to pass this on to a few of my favorite bloggers! If you are 'award free' my apologies! I'm just spreading the love...

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Monday I am off to Chicago to do a little shopping...then I will be back Tuesday with a peek at my cabinet stay tuned!


  1. Enjoyed your post. Have fun shopping in Chicago. I love the Michael Buble' song while I was visiting. I saw him this summer and he is soooo adorable!!! Love & blessings from NC!

  2. #6 & #7?
    Me too!

    But we *must* get you some hotter salsa, my dear. You're a farmgirl, you can handle it! ;-)

    Love ya!

  3. You have some great stories, thanks for sharing

  4. Loving your list!! I hate to wait in lines...I hate to wait for anything. Especially they say "I will be there in 10" and you wait and wait and 20 minutes later they pull up!!! HATE that!
    I will have to try that strawberry smoothie..addictive huh? Oh dear! Maybe not then!
    Hey! My fiber sculpture is now installed! Come see!

  5. We are too much alike! 4-H is still around - it's rocking central IL big time! I too used to be an avid 4Her, but I did sewing & always went to state for my outfits & to model - isn't that hilarious. I also showed cats & won big time - also too funny because they wore collars & leashes! Salt is my favorite thing - forget the cake! I just had tostitos yesterday with shredded cheese straight out of the microwave with a little salso - oh it's my weakness!

  6. Chicago???really??? Oh yes...I'm a total list maker...I have lists on my desk...fridge...and in my purse...I just like to see what I need to do or buy next ;o)


  7. i love posts like this. such a wonderful way to get to know someone. i wish the mosquitos didn't bite me. they are vicious this year. and i am with you on the salty snacks. that is what i crave.

  8. Congrats and great post, Mary! I really enjoyed learning more about you. And I am sooo with you about the big hair. WHAT were we thinking??? lol! Have a great time in Chicago...but stay out of the traffic, girl! :)

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  9. i don't know what happened to my comment? i love this, so fun to read! i'm totally a list girl, take my pen & paper to bed at night so i can write things down before i forget them! see you soon! susan

  10. Hahaha~ love your answers Mary! I think I need to start doing the nightly to do list.. maybe it will get myself actually getting more done. I am going to have to check out that lipgloss. I was just in the basement painting some wood shelves white & was thinking about your amazing painting skills and how much I would just love to be your apprentice for a day.. your finish/color/smoothness of wood is incredible. Thanks for the award (smooch!) ~ I'll be on my answers next week!
    xo, Lara

  11. PS~
    I'm choosing paint colors on my lates post. What would you choose to paint for the walls and I am going to attempt to paint old 2005 Babies R Us little kid bedroom furniture. :)

  12. Oh great list and thanks for the award. I'll have to think on this one:) We have lots in common. Mosquitos don't bother me either! I love salty things...I'm a vacationholic and I can't wait for things either. Two little peas in a pod!

  13. I always love to read more about you....have fun on your trip for shopping and can't wait to see your cabinets!

  14. Thanks so much for sharing, it is fun to learn more about you! I am TOTALLY a list maker, I can't is actually a sickness I think! : ) I too love salty things, gotta love the cruch factor! Gonna try the lip gloss, sounds wonderful! I am so glad you passed the award on the Farmgirl Paints, she is awsome ; )!

  15. I love these list things and how much we learn about each other. So much fun.
    I too have lip balm everywhere (bags, pockets, car..), I also get an idea in my head and have to act on it now and that does include painting rooms at midnight, I too love holidays but can't seem to save enough to go on as many as I'd like to (I waste most of my money at the supermarket on food that ends up in the bin!) and I also can't live without lists - I love them and often buy new exercise books to house different categories of lists! Oh dear - these 'games' do highlight how nut some of us are!
    Thanks for sharing

  16. Mosquitoes do not bite you? I knew someone long ago with the same "problem" - he made his own hotsauce that was so hot if you dripped a drop on your skin it would hurt for days afterwards!!! He put hotsauce on his eggs, hotsauce on toast - hotsauce on popcorn - hotsauce on everything! Do you eat a lot of hotsauce? That might be the ansower! Cute blog, dearie!

  17. You are so funny, I must try the Target smoothies! Thank you so much for the award, means so much!!
    Lots of love!

  18. He Lady- Thanks so much for the award. I have been so busy with schoo and my Masyers comps that I have not even been able to breathe. But now, it's all good. I promise to spread the love Monday!