Sunday, August 22, 2010

trendy? moi??

OK, so I did wear my Keds with no strings back in Junior High.

And I guess I did have big hair back in high school when that was in. And not just big hair. Huge hair.

Ok, so maybe I am a little trendy.

 But I can't believe Megan over at 1 Funky Woman thinks I am a 'trendy blogger' to her I say THANK YOU!

Oh, and you know what is cool? Megan and I just discovered she used to live in my town! And on one of my very favorite streets...Paris Avenue! Wouldn't you love to live on a street with that name? The houses are all gorgeous, as you would guess!

Ok...on to 10 things about be...not that they are at all trendy.

I have a serious obsession with the Strawberry Smoothies from the food counter at Target. Have you tried one?? If not, I want you to go get one today. It is like sucking real strawberries through a straw. But be warned. They are addictive.

 One favorite person in the world to talk to is my 6-year old niece Erin. This girl is dynamite with blonde pigtails. I totallly love her and her sense of humor...that girl has a gift for the one-liner. 

I am a vacationaholic. I am barely home from one trip and I am planning another. I LOVE the discovery of someplace new. Day trip...road trip...flying over the ocean...I love it all! I swear if my sweet husband and I were on Amazine Race, we would sooo win!

Growing up I was in 4-H. What farm kid wasn't?? Is it even around anymore? That is where I explored and learned to love making things, and being creative. I wish it was more popular. It really is amazing what the experience can do for a kid! The ironic thing...I would win State Champion in Woodworking, specifically "Refinishing" every.single.year. Hmmm...the fact that I paint furniture for a living - is that ironic or what???

Every single night I sit in bed and make my "to-do" list for the next day. Does anyone else do this...or I am on the only over-organized crazy woman out there?

I am a "salty" food person. I really could go the rest of my life without a piece of cake...but chips and salsa?? No way. Currently my brand of choice is Tostidos and Pace Medium Salsa. Love, love, love.

I am totally lacking in patience. I have to do everything NOW. If I decided to repaint my bedroom, it has to get done before I go to bed that night. Traffic in the city makes me nuts and if I have to wait in line for longer than a couple of minutes, I swear I die a little inside.

At this very moment I just looked over to see my "inbox" is totally over-flowing on my desk. Ok, so it is more than over-flowing. You can not longer even see that I have an "inbox". And that is sad, because it is a vintage wire basket that I totally LOVE! I hate paperwork. I hate filing. Ugh. I need a Personal Assistant.

I have a tube of Loreal "Pink Grapefruit" lip gloss in my pocket at all times. It is beyond fabulous. If they discontinue it, I am going to freak out...a little.

Mosquitoes do not bite me. Ever. Anyone know why this is????

Oooh...almost forgot I need to pass this on to a few of my favorite bloggers! If you are 'award free' my apologies! I'm just spreading the love...

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Monday I am off to Chicago to do a little shopping...then I will be back Tuesday with a peek at my cabinet stay tuned!