Tuesday, October 12, 2010

my cute little 'trash day' find...

I am starting to slightly get a kick out of my little trash-picking adventures.

Trust me, I totally get how weird that is.

I took a walk this morning.

 I admit, use my sweet dog Jake as a 'cover' on trash day.

The poor guy hates to take walks, but Tuesday mornings we are out and about...just in case something was thrown out overnight that I may have to rescue.

Hmmm...if only it were trash day every day, Jake and I would both be a few pounds lighter.

If you have been following along for a while, you know I have become a shameless trash picker. 

My apologies if that freaks anyone out.

I usually only look for big stuff...furniture is at the top of my list when I am out 'hunting'. There is some seriously good stuff out there with a one-way ticket to a landfill, I tell ya!

But today...I found this little beauty staring up ay me from heaps of junk around trash cans at my neighbor's house.

Isn't she pretty??

I just had to share. I thought she was quite a find!

My elderly neighbor passed away recently, and his son just backed dumpsters up to the house and threw the whole contents of the house in.

Trust me, I about d-i-e-d when I saw it happening.

I am so glad one piece survived.

And by the way...I am trying to get in touch with Mother Nature today.

I want to be sure this gorgeous weather isn't going to be followed by some whopper of a payback come January.

My corner of the world just doesn't see weather like this in October. By this time last year, we already had snow!

By the way, is 35 old enough to get a condo in Palm Springs for the winter??

Hmmm...note to self...check that out just in case Mother Nature over-corrects herself in a couple of months.

Anyone else out there experiencing this fall heat-wave?? Lets hear it.

Now excuse me, I am going to bust out a watermelon and a fan.


  1. way to go on the clock. it is awesome.

    lately it has been getting fall-like here in RI. we only took out the ACs today though. indian summer?


  2. ~**~Love your trash day finds!!! :) Adorable little clock!!~*~* Hugs,Rachel~*~*

  3. Love the clock ~ that is so sad about your neighbor. The thought of all that going to a landfill pains me! It is HOT here in Atlanta, almost 90 today. I am sitting here sweating as I type because it is October 12 and I am determined that we are done with A/C for the season!

  4. That is horrible that everything in your neighbors house was thrown away! There are so many people that could have used those things! Well I'm glad that you got that cute little clock! Great find!

  5. "Sweet!"
    It was 82 today here but ah breeze to make it feel like 81 ;-/

  6. So sad about your neighbor...the son could have called someone to see if they wanted anything.
    Regarding your other comments...you are too funny! It is a warm 80 here in Charlotte,NC with NO humidity & I am lovin it! But then again, I am a Southern California girl and that is what I'm used to. I still have a difficult time when it gets cold here in October!

  7. First of all, I think I need a dog to walk too, definitely a good cover for going through the trash! And what a shame to just throw away all the little pieces of a man's life. I'm sure there were treasures in there that could have brought smiles to people and allowed his legacy to live on in some small way. That just makes me sad! Even when I find things at Goodwill or flea markets and such, I think about where they might have come from - little pieces of someone's life! ... Unseasonably warm here in Maryland too.

  8. What a great clock! I can't believe someone would throw it away.

  9. What a great clock, Mary! Can't believe your neighbor did that... unbelievable! I'm glad you were able to salvage something out of it. :)
    It's HOT here for fall, too (88 degrees today). Could you add my name to the letter, too, please... haha! ;-)
    Oh... I just saw on your sidebar that you're going to be opening an etsy shop soon... yay... can't wait!
    Have a great week!
    ~ Jo :)

  10. So, I have a few questions... cause I may take up walking the dog on trash day....

    Did you have to open a can and dig for this clock? Is it best to go out in the morning or the night before pickup?

    What do you do if you spot something great but you can't carry it home...??
    I'm so jealous of that clock!!!

  11. Hi Marcy!

    I am going to post this in the comments so others can read it, but I'll email you, too!

    I never, ever open a can. I am bold...but not that bold. To me, personally that just seems too "private" even if it is trash! hahahaha!

    This one was just a find because there was so much leftover junk that would not fit in the cans after the dumpsters left...someone else already rummaged through it and this was laying on the ground...face up even! Can you get over that?? It was just meant to be.

    But honestly, I cruise the neighborhoods that are known for cool old stuff going in the trash the night before pick up. That is when you have the best luck!

    When I walk my dog, that is only in my neighborhood. If I can't drag it home I just run home, get the car and come back and pick it up. But...if I really gotta have it and I know the garbage truck is right around the corner, I will knock and ask if I can pull it aside and come back and get it. I have never had anyone tell me no! Most people will help me drag it aside! ;o)

    I think I should start a weekly "trash" post, maybe even with video!


  12. Oh it's adorable! Well done, and "dumpster diving" is not weird to me at all. It's exciting! haha! The brand of the clock is a good one too, I have a wind up alarm clock, a vintage one, because it clicks rather loudly we have it set for our anniversary, and just use it for looks, however it will do in a pinch if there is a black out. Love your blog, keep "diving" tami from the high street cottage

  13. I think it's great that you saved that precious clock from the dump!
    I haven't done much trash pickin but if I was able to get finds like that ..you betcha I'd be out there every Tuesday with my dog too!
    The weather here was hotter today too...around 88 or so I think...AC is on and I'm hoping for 60 degree weather again soon!
    Tammy :-)

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  15. Typo!

    I'll raise my hand high up & say I'm a curb-side treasure finding extraordinaire, too. :) If I see something large & furniture-like sitting alongside the cans I'm on it like.. well. ;) lol. I got in a very clean construction dumpster last week filled with furniture destined for the landfill & rescued quite a nice sofa console.. made my whole week I'll tell you. That clock is extremely adorable.. what a great and FREE find! You have me cracking up about your weekly trash post idea!! T/C!

  16. Love your style Mary!
    Your clock is really sweet. What a killer to watch things being thrown away in the dumpster...can you imagine how many treasures are thrown away every day. I don't want to even think about it!

  17. The clock rocks! And yes, same weather here in Virginia - 91 yesterday, can you believe that!

  18. Incredible weather here (ND) but that will soon end! I have a collection of those fab old clocks, so I too would have done a happy dance finding that! Would you believe I've actually been ALL THE WAY INSIDE a dumpster? Not proud.

  19. a weekly trash post with video of you...how cute!!! but we just found a shelving unit last week that is now in our garage...I think it is great that you did that...I found a chair for our bedroom redo doing that...makes me laugh that it was just going to the dumpster when it is perfectly fine redone:)

  20. Yeah, you give Mother Nature the what-for, Mary! ;-)

    That's some fabulous find, girl!


    P.S. What kind of dog doesn't like to take walks???

  21. You lucky girl...that is one cute clock! I do think it is a little sad that someone threw it away though. I'm all about donating things it don't want.

  22. Good Eye, you totally scored. I just love your "new" little clock. But I do have a thing for clocks.

  23. Having the same kind of weather here too! I am dreading January for sure! Pay backs are a bitch they say! Sigh!
    Love the clock! Great find!

  24. MARY, I'm just DYING OVER YOUR FIND! I adore it, it's so very SWEET! It's awesome, GREAT work! I'm so very happy with your rescue endeavors! I did a post a couple of days ago on my itty little alarm clock collection. You can start one now! (enabler alert!) ;-) Can you tell I'm excited for you! ;-)

  25. I hope that son saved a few things for a remembrance...I can't imagine him tossing everything like that. A lot of folks might be able to use some of the stuff he junked. And, you found a clock! Just in TIME!

  26. I know right! This past weekend was our Thanksgiving (in Canada) and we ate our dinner outside in the sun in tees - it was that hot!! And it's October in Canada! We were working on our tan while eating our pumpkin pie.

    I'm happy to report however, that yesterday we were back to our usual cool, fall weather.

  27. I'm all for a weekly trash post! I'm very impressed, Mary. It's such a cute little clock!

  28. Oh I'd love to go trash digging with you - seriously I would. I also am sick of the heat wave- bring back my sweet crisp fall :) I wore my boots one day & had to put them back away!

  29. darling, seriously you have the best trash!! :) and yes we have had pretty warm weather even for California...so if you are game, I am game for the condo in Palm Springs, only 2.5 hours away from me! :)

  30. Who could toss a clock like that..I just BOUGHT 2 of them...yours is lovely..and so is that letter!! All the best,Chrissy

  31. Great find in the dumpster! How lucky was that!~Hugs, Patti

  32. Hey W.T....your too funny...I love it!

  33. What a lovely clock!
    It brings tears to my eyes that someone's belongings and things she treasured are simply tossed away like that - like, I'm kinda crying right now.

  34. I am tired of hot too! I am tired of flip flops and I never thought I'd say that! A pumpkin candle and 84 degrees just don't jive, which doesn't make sense b/c warm pumkin pie really does jive! Just sayin'!

  35. I need to move to a better zip code. Nobody puts out any good stuff around here!

  36. Okay, so there are a few things I look forward to during a week in the life of me: Fridays, Dancing w/ the Stars, watching 'Parenthood & Blue Bloods' w/ my hubby, afternoons with my kids AND seeing what you've "rescued" from your trash walks with you doggie! SO please carry on! BTW...have loved all your blog music, in fact have them all on my ipod! haha Have a great week! ~Kristen

  37. Love the alarm clock. What a sweet find! Also, I love your blog,very pretty!!!

  38. you are too cute! i love the clock. i can't believe your neighbor's son did that...so sad really. too bad he didn't give you a chance to give some things a new home. sorry we are not sharing in your heatwave it's been cool & rainy. i kind of wish it was hot we have outdoor baseball this weekend.....it's like 35 in the morning! gosh i hope i can sit in the car :) take care, susan

  39. mary, your letter to mother nature is way too cute
    & amen
    85 yesterday

  40. Well here in Australia it is supposed to be warming up nicely into spring, bulbs are flowering etc. Today however they have forecast snow on our mountain ~ what the?

  41. hot indeed! In California its been very warm. Thank goodness we are supposed to have a major cooldown this weekend. Can't wait! My ex's parents did the same thing, threw away a lot of antiques because to them its just old stuff. I never got a chance to look. They had a bee-uuu-tiful antique hutch that I got to keep in the house for a while but now its back in the garage holding tools :-(

  42. LOL! What a hoot to read about fellow "dumpster divers"!!! I can just imagine normal people on their way to work craning their necks as they stare at us DDs with legs flailing crazily out the top of dumpsters!! lol! SOOOOOOO worth it, though! That clock is adorable! One man's junk is OUR treasure! :)

    Our autumn here in Michigan has been absolutely perfect. Warm, sunny and beautiful! Hope it stays this way all the way through winter....! Hear that Mother Nature????

    xoxo laurie

  43. Just thought you should know I do the exact same thing :)! I bring my dog as cover as I snoop through people's trash. Being in the city the houses are very close to the curb and people are weird about seeing you rifling through their items. So I try to go at dusk under the cover of some darkness! That clock is a fantastic find!

  44. I love your blog. I can relate to the trash-picking adventures. I love it! My daughter calls it dumpster-diving. It's all so much fun.