Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oh pottery barn, how you inspire me...

It was a long day was soooo cold and cloudy and we were in the-middle-of-nowhere Iowa working on the "barn project" again today. And the wind?? What the heck, I felt like I was an extra in the movie Twister!! Just so you know, it is VERY hard to handle 16 foot long, solid oak boards in 30 mile and hour wind. Ugh. But so worth it, because that wood is going to make some gorgeous furniture!

 (If you are just tuning in, the meat-and-potatoes of the story is that my hubs and I are taking down a 100-year old barn to salvage the wood and galvanized roofing for some new additions to our inventory for our little furniture biz.)

So anyway, where was I??

 Oh yes, long day...cold...windy...blah...blah. I jumped under my down comforter the minute I got home because I was frozen to the bone. I was toasty & warm, reading the Pottery Barn catalog that came in the mail today when I a mini-freakout when I turned to page 95.

I instantly fell in LOVE with the vintage-inspired wood lockers that were staring back at me.

So, since I am a resourceful girl...I swipe their ideas take inspiration from their gorgeous full-color glossy catalog, draw up some plans, buy some wood and get to work building my own!  In all honesty, I saw something similar to these on a blog last year, and have been wanting to build a set ever since! Seeing these just gave me the boost I needed to get to work!

Soon, my husband will be off of work for 3 weeks!!

I could not be happier...because look what he is going to be building...

I am trying to get everything photographed for my upcoming Etsy shop...but I have to take a little time out so we can build and finish a few of these vintage-inspired wood lockers!

I am in LOVE with them!

I don't have anywhere to use them in my home at the we are building them just for the fun of it. Just because we love building and creating and painting crazy, right?? We really need a hobby that isn't like work...but we love it so much, we just don't want to do anything else!

Hmmm...maybe I should offer a pair in my Etsy shop, just for fun??

Goodnight, my friends...I'm off to curl up again under my cozy down comforter to see what other things Pottery Barn is going to make me dream about tonight!

Oh, and my hubs just yelled to me from the other room...plans and a shopping checklist are already drawn up for the lockers!

I love that man.


  1. pottery barn is very inspiring. those lockers are awesome and I can't wait to see what yours turn out like!!

  2. I think they are amazing! And such a great idea to do them yourselves, I'm sure they're a pretty penny at Pottery Barn.

  3. I love your lockers. We are building a set in central Texas...where did you get your great looking hinges? And may I steal, uh, get inspiration from yours?

  4. You've got a good man! I just went to my mailbox and, I'm sure, have the very PB catalog you're talking about......can't wait to curl up with it.
    I love those lockers but, like you, we have nowhere to put them in our house!

  5. Hey Anonymous...well, since you are "Anonymous" I cannot send you a reply so hopefully you will re-read the comments. ;o)

    My hubs and I salvage old buildings for wood, windows, metal and bits and pieces. I have a "stash" of cool old things I keep for projects like this.

    Wish I could give you a source...try ebay..they have everything!

    Good luck! I would love to see yours when they are done!


  6. omy goodness! I can't wait to see. Lezlee

  7. They are so cute. My house has no room. Imagine how cute my garage could look!

  8. Those are some pretty terrific looking lockers! I really look forward to seeing yours. I think it is so awesome that you and your husband share the same passion. (ahem, for building things):)

  9. yes, I just checked back in. sorry about the whole anonymous thing, I wasn't quite sure what to click on. I will check out ebay! thanks so much!

  10. Those are beautiful!! Hopefully my PB copy comes soon!! I completely understand about the mini freak outs!! :) I can not wait to see how your lockers turn out!!

  11. PLEASE pretty PLEASE list them in your Etsy store! I would love them but could never convince my hubby to build them!

  12. Mary these are fabulous!! Although we don't have Pottery barn here in Australia, I always get family or friends to post me their catalogues...just to use for inspiration:) I cannot wait to see your wooden lockers!! Happy weekend to you ~ Tina xx

  13. That is just the coolest thing. So lucky to have a handy honey. I hear ya on the wind. What's up with that lately...holy cow!!!

  14.'.goodness!! where in the h*ll is my catalog?!? i'm so needing some of those!! i can't seem to find metal ones for the life of me {well decently priced anyways} these are definitely going to be on my list...
    hope things are well and you have a fabulous weekend!!

    prairie hugs,

  15. They are awesome, can't wait to see how yours turn out. : ) Carrie

  16. Wow they are fantastic...keep us posted on the out come. I wish we had Pottery Barn here in Australia....but you can keep passing their ideas our way! Thanks Kym

  17. Those Pottery Barn catalogs are just torture for me...I love/want everything. Those lockers are great, can't wait to see yours. Best wishes for a wonderful weekend :)

  18. I swear, I have a smart, good lookin' husband, but I'd give my right something to have a man that could build me stuff like that!
    Coolness. :-)

  19. LOVE them!!! Wish my hubby could build those!! ;)Rachel

  20. Oh my gosh, I love them too! So excited for you to open your etsy shop...I love etsy! Sounds like a super sweet hubby to me! ~Deb~

  21. I too love those lockers!! Fabulou! Can't wait to see yours!
    And if you love what you do then that is not work...that is a blessing!!

  22. love them...I'm sure yours will be just fabulous!

  23. Love these lockers - cannot wait to see your version. It is always better than Pottery Barn!

  24. love these didn't see this catalog yet must be on its way! looking forward to see how your will come out cant wait!!

  25. I LOVE those lockers.....

    can't wait to see what you all create...
    beautiful team!!

    Happy weekend!!

  26. Oh how exciting...can't wait to see!

  27. I can't wait to see how they turn out! What a great man you have!

  28. What a tough job working in that cold wind! So nice to have a comfy home and a warm cozy blanket to warm up in.

    Pottery Barn always has the most beautiful things, and they always seem to be right with the times.

    I just love those wood lockers. You're so lucky to have a husband who is handy with tools. Mine excells at anything technical (and a math wizard) but don't ask him to raise a hammer. I can't wait to see your finished product!

  29. I'm in love with them too - how exciting to be building some! Can't wait to see how they turn out.
    I can relate to the gale-force winds, I almost got blown away carrying groceries home except it was also whipping rain - frozen and wet to the bone! I need my duvet right about now - if only I had a Pottery Barn catalogue to cozy up with :)

  30. I may have to place an order for the next shop the shed ...
    every, I mean every piece of created furniture sold!!
    let's chat

  31. Lucky. My husband doesn't exactly get excited about projects like this. I mean, he loves the end result, but would never jump at an attempt to build something like this. Although, I do have to give him credit on one particular piece. I always wanted a baking table for my kitchen so he found this 100 year old barn cabinet, put a huge top on it, finished it off with trim and painted it white for me. It's gorgeous, and I'm proud of him every time I'm baking on it... which is quite often!

    Good luck - and good find!

  32. Are you from Iowa? I must have forgotten if you were! We are in central Iowa.

    It has been CRAZY windy!

    Send your lockers over here when you're done. :)

  33. OOOO I'm showing Mag's these. I hope her laundry room is bigger than mine! If so - my daddio is building these babies too! Can't wait to see yours done up!!

  34. I dont know what kind of connection you have at PB, but I have NOT gotten that catalog!!! You and your hubby make a great team. I cant wait for your version....your barn wood is authentic, and I am sure it will be way better than PB's!!

  35. i love when the pottery barn catalog comes! i take it to bed with me too!! i didn't see those lockers, they are amazing. i'm trying to think of where i can use them?? of course, i haven't see the price yet :) have a super weekend! can't wait to see your etsy shop!! susan

  36. Hmmm, I liven in the middle-of-nowhere-Iowa! The NW corner. Whenever I look at old falling down barns I wish that I could just take all that wood and build something with it - great that you're doing that, and preserving a part of history, just in a different format.

  37. LOVE them!! I cannot wait to see what yours look like!!

  38. Mary, your hubby
    is such a KEEPER!!!
    Seriously, a man
    who loves refinishing
    and repurposing stuff
    as much as you do is
    the kind you spoil, daily....
    And I'm sure that you do : )!!
    Great inspirations and
    looking forward to seeing
    your Etsty shop!
    xx Suzanne

  39. Just beautiful! I can't wait to see what you and "hubs" put together! My hubby is putting down a stone walkway for me! He's worried about me breaking my already weak ankle on our current walkway! I enjoyed my visit!

  40. You lucky lucky girl, you! You better hang on to that man of yours! :) What fun it's going to be to see how your lockers come out! Hurry! :)

    xoxo laurie

  41. You know I love them.
    You know I want them.

    Miss you.


  42. Love these lockers, Mary! I hadn't seen them yet... thanks for sharing them with us. I'm still looking forward to that etsy shop of yours opening up!!
    Have a Happy Halloween!
    xo ~ Jo

  43. I too go through the PB catalog for inspiration. I really like their eclectic style, the mix of old and new. I hadn't, however seen these cabinets yet! I hope they haven't missed me with the latest "issue".


  44. Great lockers! I gotta man like yours, but mine works with metal instead of wood! I love it when I say, "Craig can you make this", and he says, "Yes"! I can't wait to see your lockers!

  45. LOVE THOSE !!! I saved the pic and am going to see if my brother can whip me up a set of those...they are so great!!
    Tammy :-)

  46. are you going to use that salvaged barn wood?? how cool! it'll be a hit I'm sure!

    hope you are enjoying your weekend...
    anne marie

  47. I love Pottery Barn inspiration too...and those lockers are so, so cool!!! Thanks for sharing-

  48. i too love PB inspiration. those lockers are amazing mary. you guys are so talented.

  49. My Love is building me a set as well! I've been swooning over them since I opened the catalog.

    Your Friend,

  50. Hi
    My nephew is building four of them for me. I LOVE them too. What are you using for the doors? Bead board? How do you plan to stencil the numbers? I would love to hear your ideas.

  51. Hi Mary,
    I just saw those lockers in my PB catalog last night and was trying to figure out a way to make them myself! I absolutely love them and have the perfect place for them. They're exactly what I've been looking for.
    My husband and I have never made a piece of furniture before though. Do you think your husband would mind sharing how he's doing it? I just tried googling "how to build a cabinet" and I'm already confused :). If he (or you) is up for sharing the instructions, my email is And I would be most grateful!

  52. Did you ever make a set to sell on Etsy? I would love a set but I would not be able to make them myself and my husband is currently overseas. Love these lockers!

  53. Did you ever make a set to sell on Etsy? I would love a set but I would not be able to make them myself and my husband is currently overseas. Love these lockers!