Wednesday, October 12, 2011

a happy accident...

I normally wouldn't post such an ugly pic...but I just had to show you the "happy accident of the day"...

Remember my last post where I showed you a photos of the cabinet with all the small drawers I picked out of the trash?? Well, I know some of you wanted me to leave the original finish. And trust me, I would have if I thought I could. I {LOVE} me some chippy, old paint!!

 BUT, since it was in a printing factory all those years there was ink all over the bottom half of the cabinet. Someone either dropped a big jar of it, or a machine was continually splashing it in the direction of the cabinet...whatever it was...I hated it. It just looked so gross and killed the look of the cabinet.

So I took my palm sander to it this morning, and look what I found!!

(See...I told you that ink was gross. Blah.)

Each drawer has a number underneath, and the gray paint lightens and brightens to be a PERFECT shade for my office.

Isn't it wonderful when something works out even better than you planned??

Ok, its back to the sander for me, girls! I can't wait to get this one finished!