Thursday, October 20, 2011

made-to-order roman shades??

Anyone out there know of a good source for made-to-order roman shades?

Maybe a fellow blogger...or an Etsy shop?? I like to support handmade, you know!

I am working on a master bedroom makeover, and I need to have some made to fit a large corner window.

Next question...anyone out there have a corner window like the one in the photo below?

Do you use drapes or another type of window treatment. Do tell!!

Most of the photos I have found on Pinterest or Google with corner windows show no type of window treatment at all. Not an option for a bedroom.

It is the HARDEST kind of window to dress, I swear! I would use white drapes, but then my hubs would have fabric hanging behind his nightstand, which seems kinda weird. (Our bed sits where you see the sofa in that photo, so his nightstand is positioned under the window for the most part.)

I thought a white roman shade would be a perfect solution. Our bedroom overlooks a large and private, somewhat wooded backyard, so privacy isn't a huge issue.

(all images via my pinterest)
Ideas, anyone?


  1. I think I am in love with that last pic!
    Unfortunately, I don't know a good source for you!

    1. One thing to consider is, the amount of privacy and light you require in your rooms. Determine if you would like the room to be very cosy and dimly lit or airy and bright. If it is a bedroom, you may want minimal light intrusion to allow you to sleep snugly. For the kitchen, you can go for the sheer blinds that allow a lot of light and sunshine in. For windows that face the sunny side of your home, you may want to go for the heavier blinds and for the front door; you may wish to add in a decorative and elegant blind. The fabrics and styles of custom blinds you choose are greatly influenced by all these factors.

  2. Smith + Noble is a good source for window treatments1

  3. I don't have those pretty corner windows but do have roman shades in my bedroom. Love them! Just clean and simple. Gives you privacy when needed lots of light into the room otherwise. Luckily, had normal size windows so ordered them from Penneys.

  4. I've had corner windows such as yours and really didn't want to cover them but needed to. I went with Hunter Douglas blinds that were able to be opened by having the bottom up or the top down. They have some great fabric and you can go through American Blinds. I really did like them for our bedroom because at night I could close them at the bottom but leave about a foot open at the top. This would let the natural light of the days beginning wake me gently instead of the alarm clock.

  5. i have made several roman shades :)
    let me know if i can help!

  6. I have the corner windows in several rooms of my home. Notice no exclamation mark. Anyway. I looked into roman shades, but the problem is, you have mount them on the outside and ALOT of light gets in. Attempting to mount under the upperside of the window has a mathmatical nightmare. I moved the bed down, took off the bifold doors, used sliders and bought some great panels from Anthro on sale. If you still want the roman shades, the other lady said Smith & Noble and I have purchased from them for another house. They worked well. If you can sew at all, Romans are about a 6 on the difficulty scale. They make that tape though . . Best wishes. I hate my windows. I also have a fireplace that is jutted out from 2 corners, go figure.

  7. I think if you have enough depth you can mount them on the inside. JC Pennys also does made to order. You can find them on sale sometimes. Pottery Barn has some nice ones but not sure if they are made to order. Good luck!

  8. I don't have a source sorry! Though I love them myself.Best of Luck and please let us know if you find any~Cheers Kim

  9. I've never had to deal with a corner window, but I've always dealt with Blinds to Go. Their website is and they are a great price! I don't know if they have roman shades or not, but I purchase their linen look roller shade which are really simple with clean lines.
    Looking forward to seeing what you decide to do!

  10. I have a corner living room window. We bought honeycomb cellular shades and then did stationary curtains on the ends to soften the look. What I like, is that when they are open, they stack to almost nothing leaving the entire window visible.

  11. I had shades made from someone on ebay --just type in roman shades --much cheaper than smith and noble.................... I love the room

  12. Girl, wish i was ther to help..
    PS thought of you today, FIL intown from IL, guess it was a gorgeous day in IL and the leaves are falling :)XO

    OK really, I can't sign in AGAIN with blogger.....Uggg....once again anonymous :)

  13. love the burlap/linen roman shades if you find a good source i'd love to know i want those for my kitchen! hope all is well! susan

  14. I've had good luck with Payless Decor for custom cellular blinds. They are shallow and you can get them in all colors.

  15. I also have a corner window in my bedroom. My bedroom is rather small, and I have chosen to do something very different- my bed is placed diagonally in the room right in between the windows! My window treatments are mahogany bamboo shades. We bought them at Home Depot and they match the color of the wood furniture in my room. They look beautiful against the cream walls and white trim. I may add wispy drapes down the road making my corner window almost like a canopy. I love the bed where it is, and love the breezes that float in in the summer, the sound of rain in the spring, and the rustling wind in the fall and autumn as I fall asleep!

  16. i wish i could help you. i've been in my own window treatment h*&&. we have a bay window in our bedroom and it's a nightmare. then we have those same corner windows in our living room. i think windows are the hardest thing to get right.

  17. I agree that roman shades would be the solution..please show pics when you are done.

  18. I love the roman shades and have been wanting to try my hand at making them. I have no source for you but want to say that I feel your pain with window treatment challenges. I feel so much pressure to make the right choice! Good luck to you.

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  20. Windows byMelissa, I have seen her work on other blogs:

  21. Payless Decor. I have bought cordless roman shades from them for my home. Love. Easy to install. Great Prices.

  22. yes I like the idea of the Roman shades for your situtation. Our first house had a window situation like this, but it was in the living room, so we did use long drapes. Furniture wasn't an issue, and it worked beautifully. Amy @Maison Decor does drapes if you are still looking for someone. She's in the Boston area.

  23. I *should* have said she does custom window treatments- not just drapes!! :)

  24. Beautiful blog, I love it!



  25. Here is a link to a tutorial for no-sew roman shades. They look like they would be relatively easy to do. If you have quite a few windows, it might take a while though. I would love to move into that first bedroom -- so peaceful!

  26. Can you please share where the sofa and ottoman are from?

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  30. I'm happy to help with window coverings!

    Love the blog, by the way. Stop by mine sometime.

  31. These kinds of blinds perfectly match the patio doors because they move with the doors instead of having to be drawn out to the head rail to provide access to the doors before they can be opened.

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