Tuesday, October 4, 2011

recovery mode...and a winner!


That is all I could say as I plopped into my super-cozy down filled sofa Sunday night.

My flea market season has officially come to an end for 2011.

(thought I would show you a few photos from the weekend. It was c-r-a-z-y busy...I tried to get some before we opened...so sorry they are not the best, but at least you can see some of the things I brought to the show.)

And now I am in what I call "recovery mode". After 6 shows in a row...and hundreds and hundreds of pieces of furniture later, I am tired. My house needs to be cleaned. I need to regroup and work on some projects in my own home.

It was an AMAZING summer, to say the least. You girls rocked my socks off with the support you showed me and my little biz this summer!! I have been doing this so long, and every spring I wonder if this is going to be my last. If you will get tired of my work. Tired of seeing everything painted white.

I start every single show off with those same fears, and every single time you come through and show me the love. This month was no exception, and all I can say is THANK YOU!!!

I have a fantastic giveaway coming up next week to show just how much I appreciate you. So stay tuned! I think you are gonna {LOVE} it!

Speaking of giveaways....

How about I announce the winner of the $50 La Posh Style giveaway!?

Chosen by random.org...the girl that better be ready to get her shop on is....drumroll, please....


Email me, KELGIRL. Its time for some new boots!


  1. very cool pieces...who could EVER tire of white furniture?? LOVE it!

  2. Who could ever get tired of furniture painted white? I wish I could have seen your booth! You deserve a break and a good rest to recharge.

  3. Ditto - Love the white stuff. Welcome back!

  4. I really hope I get a chance to visit the Kane country flea market next year. I love your furniture! Do you do any shows in the winter? Still looking forward to the rest of your Country Living Fair pics. I was able to go too and had so much fun!

  5. Oh my! What yummy items!! They are gorgeous!! Glad you had a good season!!
    Now get that bubble bath going! Ha!

  6. It all looks so great. Maybe now you can make a trip south...say for inventory for next summer ;)
    Get that etsy shop filled...I need a fix!

  7. Girl, these things are just gorgeous. Your talent blows me away... and I'd have LOVED to shop a little bit with such sweet items on display!! :)


  8. You have the most beautiful pieces, I love your creations!

    Hi, remember me? :-)
    Sorry I haven't been by in a bit, life happened.

    Missed you.

  9. You are livin' the good life! It has always been my dream to do this, amazing to have found your blog! I'm a Chicago gal who moves out west....I miss the flea markets of the midwest SO MUCH.

    I'm off to see the rest of your blog. Rhonda

  10. your work is so beautiful! get some rest my friend! susan