Monday, October 10, 2011

what I'm doing today...

First order of business...Midwest girls - can you BELIEVE this weather??


I feel like I am living in the South! Shorts and flip-flops in October?? I love it!

I am doing yard work, painting trim, getting my flower beds in order for being a procrastinator hasn't proven to be a bad this this year after all!

Anyway. just thought I would check in and give you a tiny peek at what I am going to work on when I have some spare time this week...I know she is not much to look at now, but she has such potential! I have always been a sucker for cabinets with lots of little drawers.

16 drawers of loveliness...

{sigh...} I think I am in love.

old, chippy gray paint that needs a little 'sprucing up'...

not a full paint job, because I love the character of this one...but a fresh look is in order for this old girl

{removing old stickers...a dry brushing of a fresh gray paint...and old maps to line each drawer}

she served an old printing company in my city for over a 100 years, then was discarded and headed for the landfill. I rescued her and can't wait to give her a new home in my office!

Back to work for me, girls! The huge tree in my front yard decided to drop every single leaf it had overnight.

Anyone want to help me rake??