Friday, October 14, 2011

let's talk halloween...

Every year the hubs and I organize our part of a Halloween event at our local museum.

It is SO. MUCH. FUN!

(I love seeing my 6'3" hubs wearing a mask that makes him yet 4" taller towering over the kiddos...they LOVE it!)

It gives our city's kids a safe and unique place to come out all dressed up and trick-or-treat. Behind the museum's main building is a town...a general store, an old hotel, a white clap-board church, a firehouse, a big barn. There are quite a few buildings and businesses, and they make up the most charming "Little House on the Prairie" type town. Each a historic building that has been moved from its original location to the Museum's ground. 

 A local business signs up to sponsor one of the buildings. They employees volunteer to decorate their building, they dress up in costume and  hand out candy to the kids. There are other events too, bobbing for apples, hayrides...the usual old-fashioned style fall party.

Last year my hubs was Frankenstein and I was Red Riding Hood.

(I never realized this until I uploaded this photo on the blog...there is a mini Red Riding Hood behind my hubs - so cute!!)

Oh, and just so you know...I cannot be held responsible for what looks like huge 1980's bangs piled high on my head.

I blame the hood.

I swear I don't walk through my normal life like that.

Anyway, I need help. Ideas. Creativity.

What should I go as this year?? Do I give Red Riding Hood one more run before I retire the outfit, or should I try something new?

Any ideas from all you creative ladies out there??

Oh, and for any of you in the Northern Illinois area, this event is soooo worth the trip out! It takes place at the Midway Village Museum in Rockford, IL next Friday October 22nd from 2-8pm. You can find me in the Police Station handing out goodies all day!