Wednesday, October 17, 2012

passing time on Pinterest...

As some of you know...I have a love for Pinterest. Somehow over 37,000 of you have discovered this. {Which totally cracks me up! Where the heck did all you Pinterest stalkers followers come from?? Well, glad you love what I love. Happy to have you following along! Now, if only I could channel this into my blog. Hee...hee!}

I am a girl that find inspiration everywhere I go. The wheels are constantly turning in my head, and I just can't seem to shut it off. This is where my love affair with my iPhone and Pinterest comes in. 

For example:

I was in line at the grocery store when I came across Melaine's tutorial on how to paint a 'chalkboard' sign on your wall...I mean seriously?? Does this woman ever sleep? She constantly comes up with the most amazing things for her home. Love her. And love her ambition. 

I was waiting for my tank to fill at the gas station when I found this idea for polaroid coasters. Again...fantastic idea! These are not my mama's cork coasters from long ago. These are super-cute, conversation-starting, memories-on-display-in-a-cool-way kind of coasters. I WILL be making this one snowy day this winter. 

Long line at Barnes & Noble??...well...I better see whats happening in Pinterestland. 

That is when I came across Jill and her genius bookcase idea. Beautiful slat-backed bookcases made possible with...are you ready for this....3M tape??? I mean really, how AWESOME is that? Love Jill. She has amazing style, and to know she pulls it off on a her even more. 

Another snowy-day project. Check.  

Now my Pinterest love runs deeper than just project inspiration...I just love pretty things. 

Waiting at the DMV I found this lovely photo...

Cool old bike + fall leaves on the ground = I am totally sucked in and will TOTALLY repin you. 

It made the whole DMV 'experience' more enjoyable, I have to say!

Another of my favs? Words. Words that make me think...long after I have put the phone back in my purse after leaving the waiting room at the doctor's office. Or is to distract me while I am there?? Either way, it works. 

(all photos can be found via my Pinterest boards

I have had a few people tell me they just don't get the point of Pinterest. To each his own, I say. But for brings a little 'pretty' into my day when I am doing things that are quite the opposite. 

{Happy Wednesday, girls!} 


  1. they don't get the point because they are uninspirable or unfortunately are people who always think "i can't do that".
    the wheels are always turning in my head too but sometimes start smoking because they get overused. i think pinterest adds to that. lol

  2. Mary
    So glad there is other pinterest addicts out there!!!!!Ha Ha!!!! I love pinterest too. I love the bike in the yard too. I have a bike in my front entry way of my house that I love!!! Please visit my blog I have the bike in my foyer as my header!!! Thanks for this lovely post. I love the coasters too. I think that may be a project for Christmas gifts.

  3. You had me at 37,000 followers. WOWZA!!

  4. It's feed your dream shopping, and yes, I am one of your stockers! You pin very pretty!
    Well said, Mary!
    Enjoy your day.

  5. Awwww, I am so honored to be included cause really you are my hero! Do you really have 37,000 Pinterest followers??????? Wow, you are such a rockstar!!!!!

  6. Your Pinterest boards are like a one stop shop!! ;) I have four out of those five pinned and I am guessing at least three came from you!! =D Pin away!! ;)

  7. I pretty much love Pinterest too. In fact, I am painting my kitchen table right now because of Pinterest. (Well, I am actually in between coats.)

    I'm having a Pinterest Part on Nov. 1st on my blog. People take inspiration from Pinterest and wear an outfit, cook a meal, do a DIY project, whatever. Then they blog about it and link up. So fun. I am going to do one the first of every month. :-)

    Too much Pinterest love? Can there be??

  8. I love Pinterest too... and your pictures and post were very inspiring!

  9. I, too, am addicted to Pinterest and one of your faithful followers. How can anyone not be a Pinterest follower? I could sit for hours (if only I had extra hours) and pin my time away. Now if I'd just do some of the projects I've pinned!! LOL.

    Diane J./Ohio

  10. I think some of your 37,000 followers are my friends. I've been reading your blog for a while so started following you on Pinterest a while back. Suddenly I noticed almost ALL of my friends are repinning your stuff straight from your boards, not mine. =) And FYI...PINTEREST HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!!! I'm an addict and I love to show people my DID THIS board so they can see how it's so NOT a waste of time. =)

  11. I've had people tell me the same thing about Pinterest, and Blogging!! "I don't get it", or "you must have too much time on your hands". REALLY??? No, we just like to surround ourselves with things we like, and I love having a CREATIVE OUTLET. ~Kim

  12. I have not had time to pin on pinterest in awhile.But I do love going there and finding inspiration! I find allot of amazing talented people and blogs too!

  13. I love love my pinterest!! I totally is my pretty, happy place!

  14. I love your pinterest pins! And yes. I found you from there and from my friend, Emily Netz. Thanks for having lovely taste and making us follower's days a little "prettier".

  15. Um.....37,000!!!!! That's insane! Haha! I've been following you for quite a while on there - now I know you are a Pinterest celebrity!

  16. Pinterest on the iphone is the best! It makes all those moments waiting for kid pickups & activitiesfilled with beautiful and inspiring images...I am all for that!

  17. oh yes, I am familiar with the Pinterest debate...mostly from NON users.....and I always am there to say..."SEE!" when they finally discover and GET it. I think there is just something pretty great about a where you fill in most of the blanks and can just simply enjoy the truth.
    you now have 37,001 followers! ME!

  18. Hey Farm Girl! Wow, love the chalk board tutorial. I have been wanting to do this at the shop for so long, as I am crazy for the whole chalk board lettering craze right now! And Pinterest, well, let's just say, I'm obsessed!

  19. :) You rockstar! that is a lot of followers! Good for you!

  20. Love Pinterest too...sometimes I hate to peek in because I get lost for hours!

  21. Belle and Beau Antiquarian are following you on Pinterest and it lead us to your blog. Love both! Have a great weekend!