Monday, October 15, 2012

maple & magnolia SALE PREVIEW

Just in case some of you missed my post the other day, I wanted to remind you that Susan from Maple & Magnolia is having her sale this week!! 

NOTE: Due to possible bad weather, the date has changed to:
 this coming SATURDAY October 20th, from 9-1. 

She announced today she is PRESELLING a few of her larger items, so if you see something you want  click over to her blog for pricing and email her right away! Everything must be picked up at the sale on Saturday.

Her surveyors cabinet...which is beyond words. Soooo cool!

Her AMAZING work table, which I have coveted for some time now...

A HUGE card catalog...

Annie Sloan Aubusson Blue sideboard...gorgeous!

An antique watchamaker's cabinet...imagine all the things you could put in those drawers!! I {heart} organization!

An incredible double-sided insurance sign...totally original in all its awesomeness!

And finally...her Glen Oaks Inn sign which came from a hotel in New Hampshire. LOVE it!

Good luck girls, let your fingers fly across that keyboard so you can get your name in if you want one of these beauties!!

I am off to work on a little project I have going on this week...I hope to be posting about it by Friday! 

Happy Monday!!


  1. I would love to have any of those items.Fabulous~

    ~Cheers Kim

  2. That work bench is awesome. I would LOVe it as a kitchen island :)

  3. whoa.......nelly!
    seriously would love each piece!

  4. Lovely stuff - I so wish I could get that table!

  5. OH MY - I wish I had enough pennies for them all! Simply gorgeous pieces! Hope her sale is a BIG hit but then again - with things like these - there is no question - IT WILL BE. Have a great time!

  6. wow!! amazing!



  7. Oh MY! I'm in Delaware! I don't think I can get there in time but I want everything!!!!!!

  8. I am in love with the card catalogs. I turned one down about 10 years ago when our library was remodeling. Oh, how I kick myself, but I didn't then and still don't have the space for it.

  9. Ohhh I Love your Blog and amazing stuff best wishes from Germany Nina