Wednesday, January 4, 2012

i {heart} pine...

I am hoping to get a little makeover to my home office completed this month. Notice I say 'this month'...I am always amazed when I visit a blog and see someone complete a room transformation in just a few days. How do they do that?? I have to sneak a few minutes in here and there between client orders, working on the house we are flipping and the never-ending laundry pile. Please tell me I'm not the only one that takes this long??

Anyway, I use the smallest bedroom in our home or my office. The room is only 10x12 and the interior wall that is only 10 feet, has 7 1/2 feet of closet on it. The two outside walls have huge windows on them. Each one is 4 ft wide x 5 feet tall. Those are big windows for such a little room, so it makes furniture placement a little tricky. 

I have an 'odd' corner between those windows, and nothing every really seemed to work right in that space. I walked in to the room last week, and I decided it was time, literally, to do something with this room. I have those moments...I ignore a space and then like flipping a switch I decide its time to change it up. As in RIGHT. NOW. My hubs probably thinks I am crazy. But, he goes along with my whims without saying a word, so we drove to my warehouse to see if I had anything on hand I could use. 

And there, buried waaaay in the back I found this old girl...

I picked her up at an auction last winter, hoping I would find a place for her - someday. 

I cannot tell you how much I love this cupboard! The perfect piece to go with my crisp white walls. Thank goodness I never sold this piece. I can't wait to fill her with pretty things...

Since we are on the subject of my home office....I'll show you a few inspiration pics from my Pinterest files that I am using for this space. 

I also found this exact.same.desk while I was dragging things out at my warehouse. It is solid old teacher's desk from our school district. It is being painted white as we speak, I hope to have it finished up and in place this weekend. 

Above the desk, I am thinking I need a bulletin board. I rather love the 'unstructured' style of this one...

Maybe that would help tame the 6,247 pieces of paper that somehow accumulate on the top of my desk. 

Well girls, Happy Wednesday to you! 

I am off to pack Etsy orders. I loaded the shop with some new things last night and they went so fast! I am going through the treasures from my grandmother's home right if you see a lot of roses this week, that is why. She loved her pink roses!