Tuesday, January 31, 2012

vintage junky giveaway...

I just wanted to spread the love and be sure you all heard about a {FANTASTIC} giveaway going on over at Vintage Junky! Michelle and her husband are so generous...she is giving away one of her his gorgeous creations on her blog - a custom chalkboard created for one lucky winner!!

When she first announced a few months ago that he was going to be selling his work in a new Etsy shop, I was so excited! I snapped one up right away for my booth at the flea this summer!

I am going to made a frame from salvaged wood and hang it near the checkout.

{LOVE it!}

It was adapted from this gorgeous sign I saw in the Custom Chalk Etsy shop....

I think this one is pretty awesome...my sister would LOVE one of these! I think my birthday shopping for this year just got reeeeeally simple...

But then there is this sign...the sign of ALL signs...I not-so-secretly covet this one. We are talking full-blown love affair here. And sadly, this ones not for sale. It is a special one created just for Michelle.

Lucky girl.


I am heading to Nashville at the end of February, and can't way to stop into Michelle's new store while I am there. I'm gonna wear a reeeaaallly big coat so I can stuff this under it on my way out the door. I don't think she will notice, do you?


The giveaway ends tomorrow! So head over to the Vintage Junky blog to see get your name in, girls!

(all photos courtesy of Vintage Junky and used with permission)

Good luck, girls!

If you are the lucky winner, I want to hear about it!


  1. Every single one of those is awesome.


  2. Love it and I love Michelle too!


  3. I have that board hung very high in the shop for just that reason. Thanks for blog love! CJ

  4. Thanks so much Mary!! I can't wait to see you! Oh, and you will need a ladder to get that sign ;)

  5. Oh! I would love to hang the kitchen one on the front of my pantry door. Love!

  6. Enter me! love all of them...thanks for the opportunity! xoxo, tracie

  7. From one chalk lover to another, yummy! Funny thing about chalk art, it could be wiped away in a blink, the static nature is what I cherish most. There's another great artist, she doesn't sell pieces but sure is fun to look at: www.danatanamachi.com Definitely worth a visit for great ideas.

  8. These are really special. What a fantastic gift this would make...a true one of kind. If I won (fingers are crossed) I would base mine of the wedding chalkboard art. Just lovely! XO

  9. ohhh i wanna win. thanks for the heads up.

  10. Those are some way-to-cool signs! Love them:)


  12. Love these and can't
    wait to check out their
    shop. Hope you are well
    and that 2012 is treating
    you right!!!

    xx Suzanne

  13. I'm in love with these signs! I put a little saying on my chalkboard the other day and it looks positively sad in comparison to these.

  14. i would love a chance to win...i would probably want one done of my family...thanks!

  15. Oh they are fabulous!! Love them all!