Tuesday, January 17, 2012

this is SO four months ago...

I was going through the card from my camera this morning...and realized that of the 2,134 photos that were on it, I had some good shots from my trip to the Country Living Fair that I never showed you. This is totally old news...and maybe I should have just filed these away, but decided they should make their debut after all. 

{I hear there is a 3rd Country Living Fair this year! And it is coming soon! April 27-29 in Austin, TX}

These first four photos were from the same booth...I can't seem to locate their card, but I remember they were from New York. I have no idea why I didn't buy that lodging sign. I was in love with it, and came back to their booth 4 times to look at it. I think I was visually overwhelmed. There was so much to see I wanted it all! But this would have been perfect in my guest room. 


A fun sign for a kitchen...

If my name was Sarah...this one would have been mine!

Great Stuff By Paul was there selling all sorts of European antiques. My friend Andrea ordered some French Bistro chairs from their website, and I was all set to bring some home with me...but the colors I wanted were already gone. Although, now that I see it again, that pink one would have been quite nice for a photo prop!

Love me some suitcases!!

This cabinet is another one of those {KICK MYSELF!} moments. I need to dig up the card from this booth and see if she still has this one. Seriously, does't it remind you of Maria's cabinet from Dreamy Whites?

Modern June's booth is always 10 kinds of happiness! Isn't all that color fantastic!!?

We snuck over to the flea market in Springfield, OH while we were there. Cabinets like these were EVERYWHERE, and I didn't think the prices were too bad. This one was $425. 

Oh, and I think I was going to tell you about this a while ago...but I had a great meeting with Cari Cucksey from the HGTV show Cash & Cari. I was the first one in her booth {I headed straight there when the gates opened}. Everyone else started at the first booths inside the gate, which was nice because I actually got a chance to talk to her for a   while. We are BFF's you know...since I set up Estate Sales like she does, I have deemed it so. Her show is actually very accurate to how the process of having an estate sale works. Nice to see something that isn't staged.

She was very nice and down to earth. I was going to show you the photo of us together...but this girl is
 T-I-N-Y! I look like Godzilla standing next to her, so you are so not seeing that one. Isn't she just so cute? She has a great boho-vibe about her. She is getting married this fall, and is having her wedding in a barn. That, my friends, is going to be awesome...and I can't wait to see the photos!

Country Living had huge banners all over the grounds with photos from the pages of their magazine. This one caught my eye. So yes, I took a photo of a photo. Isn't that sink AMAZING!!?

Nothing is off limits when I have my camera. If I like your boots, I will shamelessly take a photo of you as you walk away. But these were just the perfect shade of gray! I should have asked her the brand....I am still slightly obsessed with them.

When I road-trip, it takes a little longer to get to your destination than a normal person. I stop constantly. Do brake hard, do u-turns on 4 lane roads...all in the name of beautiful things! I saw this old house outside of a small town in Indiana on my way to CL. In her prime, she was such a beauty. Look at the moulding around each window! She needs to be saved!!

Ooohh...this was another u-turn moment. I have a {LOVE} of the old, 1-story motels from the 1940s and 50s. I have a secret little dream to own one someday. This one in a small town in Indiana has been turned into an apartment complex, but the sign was still out front. Oh, how I would love to own it!! The pale aqua background was so beautiful...

Just in case you are interested in going...here are the dates of this year's Country Living Shows. 

April 27th - 29th - Austin, TX
September 14-16 - Columbus, OH
October 26-28th  -Atlanta, GA

I am off to take Etsy photos today! I have some goodies to list in the shop tonight. Here is a run-down in case anything sounds interesting! I have an old white scale, small metal pie safe cabinet, swedish books, a few old metal toolboxes, crusty old bottles, ironstone plates and platters, old sign letters...and whatever else I pull out of my 'archives'. So check back - I will start filling this shop this afternoon!