Thursday, January 12, 2012

new goodies in the shop!

FINALLY! I am starting to feel alive again! I am still not 100%, but I needed to get up and do something today to force myself into getting better. I am not used to being down this long. It makes me c-r-a-z-y!

Anyway, I couldn't do too much...but I did get a few new things in listed in my Etsy shop, so thought I would give you a peek!

A beautiful Swedish cookbook...dated 1899. This one is a GEM! 

I have 2 of these metal baskets...perfect patina, great size! Storage should be cute and efficient!

These old opera glasses would be perfect perched on top of a pile of old books...

And you must know by now how I {loooooove} old metal toolboxes! I use them for storage all over my house! My studio has a line of them up on a shelf! I can just grab it and go when I have to create on the run! 

And I cannot believe someone has not taken home these gorgeous french vanity jars yet! I listed these a couple days ago...they are quite unusual size, so would really make a statement if you have a shelf or long bathroom counter!

Oh, and here we go with my toolbox obsession again! It it was not the middle of winter int he Midwest, I would have styled this old beauty full of pink peonies! Spring is just around the corner..this would be a cutie for the middle of your dining room table! {wink...wink...}

Well, that is about all the energy I can muster for today. I guess it is back to the couch of me. Hopefully tomorrow will be better! I need to squeeze a little TLC out of the hubs tonight. (Hey, I have to milk it while I can, right!) 

I can't believe how many questions you girls came up with for me on my last post! We are over 100...I had no idea you girls would be THAT curious! Thanks for taking the time...each one was fun to read, I can't way to get the posts going with the answers!


I'll be back tomorrow!