Wednesday, February 1, 2012

urban farmgirl is FINALLY on Facebook!

I have finally come into the 21st century!

Urban Farmgirl is on Facebook!

(the Stash booth at the Country Living Fair last fall)

I created a page quite some time ago...but I never told anyone. Somehow a bunch of you found me even though it was my little secret! Starker-ish and just my style! {LOVE} you girls!! 

I will regularly be updating my Facebook if you want to click over and LIKE me, I would love you for it!

So why the decision to start using Facebook?

1. I knew it was time I get with it and stop denying Facebook was awesome. 

2. I have been getting a LOT of emails and convos through Etsy asking if there was a mailing list buyers and lookers could be on so they could be notified when I put new things in my shop. Some things seem to go really fast, so I thought this was a great way to reach everyone and let them know when new things have popped up in the shop. 

3. Flea Market season will be here before I know it. My goal, if time allows, is to post photos of what painted furniture I will be bringing to the shows. Again, I get a TON of emails the week before hand asking to see my inventory for that particular show. Thought this would be a great way for everyone to see the pieces as I get them done and be a huge time-saver for me, too.

4. I take A LOT of road trips looking for cool "junk"...I take a million photos while I am on the road, but only a select few can make it into a blog post. I thought this would be a great way to show things I find along my little journeys and name the places I shop, just in case you jump in the car and decide to go snooping around the backroads of America, too!

So....there you have it. One more way to keep in contact with what is going on in the world of Urban Farmgirl. I cannot tell you all how much it means to me that you support me, and my little blog, my Etsy shop and my booth at the flea. {THANK YOU!} from the bottom of this Farmgirl's heart!

Click here to visit my little Facbook page...

Happy Wednesday, girls!

I am off to take a TON of photos for Etsy today!