Monday, February 27, 2012

...and I'm off to Nashville!

I am getting a SUPER late start to my road trip to Nashville today...but what's a girl to do?! I had the 'closing ceremony', as I like to call it, on the house the hubs and I flipped and sold this morning...I still had laundry to do, and just finished packing my suitcase a few seconds ago. Now I have to cut up celery for 'road snacks', load the car, leave 1000 notes for the house sitter...and then...MAYBE I can finally get on the road. Is it just me, or is the week leading up to vacation just a whole lotta work?? 

{but I LOVE every minute in the car rolling down the highway so it is all worth it!}

I am leaving posting behind for the week. So I thought I would leave you with a few of my favorite 'pins' from the weekend...not a lick of sense as to how I chose these photos. Thats how I roll. 

I just love 'em. Each and every one. 

Oh, and almost 5,000 you have signed on to "follow" what I love on Pinterest! How fun is that?? I didn't even know 5,000 of you knew I existed! But somehow you discovered and SHARE my obsession with pretty things!

Ok, on with the show...Enjoy!


No words needed. You all know how I feel about old trucks. 

White bike = a MUST have for this summer. I mean really, how cute is this???

And should it not be a requirement that we spend at least one night in a tree house in our adult lives...just so we don't forget to have a little fun in life?

Ok, so this is just a teeny bit more elaborate than my childhood treehouse, but I like to think I have evolved!

And if there has ever been a photo that totally and completely sums up what I hope my path to heaven looks like, this is it. Who knew a driveway could be so dreamy??

Whose mailbox is this, anyway?? I would love to send them a letter just to say they are the luckiest people in the whole world!

Ok, now a quick snap back to reality...when I get home I am making half of my basement into a studio space. Here's hoping I find some cute little things for organization like this in my travels this week!

Again, a cute lard bucket?? That sums up why I love vintage. Lard is even cute!!!

And then something like this pops up on Pinterest and stops me in my tracks. Thoughts of my silly little studio space completely leave me head when my eyes fix on this photo.  Oh yes, it is Teresa's {STUNNING} greenhouse. 

Dear Teresa, I know nothing of plants...but could I move to your farm and become your apprentice??

{pretty please...}

So how was that for a totally random post that really made no sense at all...but we all love pretty pictures, right?? 

Over and out. 

I have a highway waiting for me. 

Nashville, here I come. You may never be the same.