Friday, February 17, 2012

nashville or bust!

In a little over a week the hubs and I are headed South!

{Destination: Nashville, TN}

You know I love me a road trip! There is something about getting in the car and hitting the road that makes me soooo happy! I love the unknown...the conversations in the car, it is in my blood to want to discover every nook and cranny of this big old world we live in! 

I love my hubs. He supports me and my wanderlust no other man could!

So here is where I need your help! I already know I have one SUPER SPECIAL destination in mind...I just know this is going to be the highlight of my trip...I am stopping in to see Michelle at Vintage Junky in Spring Hill, TN! If anyone in the state of Tennessee would like something from Michelle's shop, you best get there before I do! I have a feeling a whole lot of vintage love is going to be leaving that little shop in my car! I am soooooo excited to finally meet her!

Here is what I need from you...I am looking for shops, restaurants, hotels, wacky roadside attractions, name it! If there is something along my route that I MUST see, I want to know about it! I hope I have some readers out there from the area, or that have traveled to it that can give me some advice!

I am taking this route to Nashville:

But this route through Kentucy to get back home...I like a change of scenery on my trips!

So hit me with it girls! I want to pack a lot into a short time so I hope you have some ideas for me!

Happy Friday, girls! I am off to clean house and do a little laundry today! {super exciting, I know!} I am soooo behind on answering emails, so if you sent me something and you haven't heard back from me, I will try to get through them all today!