Saturday, February 25, 2012

goodbye crazy week!

Holy cow, this week flew by! I have been MIA from the blog this week except for a quick post or two. My sister had a biggie surgery Monday...and she is recovering nicely...THANK YOU for all the emails and well wishes! 

I am getting ready to leave for my trip to Nashville on Monday, but I just HAD to get some of this week's finds up on Etsy tonight! 

I have a few unique things this weekend...surgical sterilization trays...I {love} wacky things like this to organize everyday 'stuff'...

and a drawer from an industrial cubby cabinet...

this is the very last one I have...

and a cool old door to a cracker bin from an old a little box for it, and you would have a super cool storage/display piece to hang on the wall...

and yet more ironstone plates...

and a {GORGEOUS} ironstone teapot...

and the sweetest little trio of books I have ever seen!

I am in {LOVE} with the colors! perfect for a cottage style vignette or nursery!

It's 10:30 at night..I should be snuggled in next to the hubs watching movies...instead I am lining up blog posts for while I am away, doing the 412 loads of laundry that always seem to happen right before you leave for vacation...and freaking out because no matter how many clothes are in my closet, I ALWAYS feel like I have nothing to pack. 


Listing a few things on Etsy was a nice distraction from reality tonight.


Have a happy Sunday girls, I have a feeling I am going to be in that day-before-vacation whirlwind! 


  1. Pretty pics...Awesome books!!

  2. Such great finds and lovely pictures.

  3. Those are some sweet finds. Gotta love Etsy! And just finding your blog and loving it.

  4. Hmm, love those sterilization trays . . . I hope your sister continues to do well. Have great vacation fun!

  5. Hope your sis is feeling better!! See you soon : )

  6. Great finds Love the ironstone

  7. You didn't pick any of those hospital items up while you were visiting your sister did you????


  8. Have a safe & happy trip!

    Diane J./Ohio

  9. Yummy goodies! You will have some packing up and shipping to do when you return I do believe!
    Have fun!

  10. Love the "sterilization" sign.. Is it available I don't see it in your etsy store?

    Thanks, Jen @

  11. On my way to Nashville this weekend myself! Where are coming from and what are some great places that you visit along your way. Love your finds!

  12. I sure did enjoy this post and love your finds!

  13. business or pleasure??
    hope it's a little bit of both ... I've done some of my best junkin' in Nashville


  14. Prayers continuing for your dear sister!
    Have a safe trip, my friend!

    P.S. next time, give me first crack at awesome finds like that "sanitary" thing!!!!! ;-)

  15. What fantastic finds! I'm in love with that ironstone teapot and the trio of books!

  16. Love all of your finds...especially the ironstone!! So beautiful:)

  17. I love the Roxo box...I grew up in Wisconsin and I am such a nerd about it! I was reading it and I was like waukesha?? know where that is :)Great find!

  18. Have fun on your trip to Nashville! I love those books, they are a perfect little stack. The colors are so pretty.