Tuesday, March 27, 2012

sofa talk...

The floor installation is done! Woohoo! It took us about 4 hours, and really was pretty simple once you got the first row that lays against the wall in place. We finished up when it was dark yesterday, so I will snap some pics and show you tomorrow. 

Today, I need to talk sofas. I need your two cents on this one. I am so torn on what sofa to get for my sunroom. It seems like everyone in blogland has an Ektorp sofa so I knew I would get good advice from you!

 Do I spend more in hopes of getting a better quality sofa, or do I just go with the $399 Ektorp from Ikea since I could buy 4 of those for the price of one from Crate & Barrel or Pottery Barn? 

Here are my choices:

 Ektorp from Ikea:

It has been a while since I sat on one, but I seem to remember it being uncomfortable. I have the Ektorp chaise, and I LOVE it! Oh, and when I see the display in the store, the cushions are so flat and squished. I am sure that is because they get sat on a million times a day...but has that happened to anyone else?

 Willow from Crate & Barrel:
(sooooooo comfortable, but the high arms seem a little high, no?)
PB Comfort from Pottery Barn:
(closest in style to the Ektorp, but 4 times the price)

 Am I really paying for quality with this one, or will it be a disappointment?

Anyone have any of these? Any input or advice?

I want to hear it all...the good, the bad and the really ugly.

Oh, and to add to the decision...anyone out there have a rather 'big' husband like me? He is 6'3"...so not exactly petite. I am afraid the Ektorp will be too small in scale for him to be comfortable. This is not our main living room...but we are going to hang a flat screen on the wall, so I am sure I will find him out there more than I think!

Ok, can't wait to hear what you have to say! If my mind is swayed to get the Ektorp from Ikea, I am heading that way tomorrow!