Monday, March 26, 2012

YAY! sunroom floor going in today!

As you are reading this today, the hubs and are a busy little bees laying a new floor in our sunroom. We need a 'temporary'new floor in this space because I just could not take one more second of the commercial carpet we inherited with it when we bought this house. I say 'temporary' due to the fact we will have hardwood put in this room when we have new installed in the adjacent great room sometime next year.

Ok...let me be slightly more honest...I tired of that carpet 6 months ago and ripped it out on a whim. I have lived with the plywood floors ever since, but it is time to be slightly more civilized. It would have been dreamy if I could have just painted the plywood floor that was there, but that pesky commercial carpet was glued down and left a mess all over the wood.


I was on an aimless stroll through Lowes the other day and happened on this beautiful...although vinyl...faux wood floor. Normally, I am not a 'faux girl', much less a 'vinyl girl', but they were running a killer sale, and I was armed with a coupon I found in my mailbox last week sent out in the mail. It came to  just under $180 to do the whole room, and it had great reviews on the website. After all that... I was feelin' the love.

And the fact that is will be easy to keep clean, was a major plus for me. My beloved 4-legged baby, Jake comes in from outside through this room about 10 times a day.

Muddy paws + vinyl floor = clean up so easy even the hubs can do it! 

And since the room will be 75% covered with one of these beauties...I was even more convinced I could live with it for a while.

(photo via Dash & Albert...not my color palette for this room..but love their rugs!)

Keep your fingers crossed for me that installation is as easy at it seems!

I'll report back tomorrow with a few photos and my 'product review'.

Happy Monday, girls!