Wednesday, March 21, 2012

my visit to Vintage Junky

Ok, so I realize I have been home from my Nashville trip for a couple of weeks now...I took a little {too long} off from blogging, but now that I am back I just had to share with you one of my very favorite stops while I was there!

Vintage Junky in Spring Hill, Tennessee

I have always loved Michelle's blog, so when the opportunity popped up for me to tag along on a trip with the hubs to the Nashville area, I jumped on it! I was soooo excited to meet her in person! I am always so nervous meeting a fellow blogger for the first time. Are they what I will expect? Am I what they will expect? Will it be awkward dead silence or will we be like long lost best friends from the word go? Well, let me tell you...Michelle fits into my 'long lost best friend' category. {LOVE HER!} And her little family! I wish she could have closed up shop so we could have spent 2 days shopping our tails off around the Tennessee countryside. But, a little thing called 'business' got in the way, {darn responsibility, right?} so I took a raincheck, because I KNOW I will be back in Tennessee soon!

Brace yourself, there are a lot of photos ahead...and very little words. Michelle's shop is so awesome, it just does all the talking for me. And photos of pretty things are always the best part anyway!

Somehow I just knew when I walked up to this cute little entry, I was going to {love} what I found inside!

And WOW, was I right. I stepped inside and immediately knew I was in trouble. But the good kind of trouble...the kind where I wanted to buy every. single. thing. in her shop! that a 'good' kind of trouble?? Guess it depends on how you look at it. To me - yes. Yes, it is. 


Her husband, CJ makes the most amazing chalkboard art. I showed you the piece I had him design for my booth at the shows this summer...and I have a feeling as soon as I am done with this post I am going to be ordering another. I mean look at that trailer, would you??


This little yellow cart was soooo close to coming home with me. I miss it already. 

Even her signs are cute, no? I would like to buy the silver...and the sign, please!

The 'Thank You' sign below came home with me. If you visit my booth at any of the shows I will be selling at this will see that beauty proudly displayed at the check out!

If you live near Nashville and want a piece of {GORGEOUS} custom painted furniture, Michelle is your girl! She does amazing work! I would love the dresser below for my guest room...

Speaking of custom painting...if you would like a custom chalk art piece of your own, don't forget CJ can do that, too! I am slightly obsessed with his work can you tell? 


I miss Tennessee. It is such a beautify state, with such beautiful little shops. I can't wait to go back! If you are in the area, you simply MUST make it to Vintage Junky. I promise you will love it, and love meeting Michelle and her little family! 

It is so great to know that the person behind the blog is just as {FABULOUS} as you knew she would be! I owe a big THANK YOU to Michelle for making me feel so welcome! I swear we could have talked forever...she should have just put me to work! I was there so long I could have painted a few pieces of furniture for her while I talked her ear off! 

Tomorrow I will be back with another of my very favorite places...this time it is in Franklin, Tennessee!

Happy Wednesday, girls! I am off to take photos for Etsy!