Friday, March 30, 2012

sourcing my number stamp...

How amazing it is to wake up on a chilly, rainy Friday morning and find my inbox flooded with emails about one of my little projects! I got hit with the most wonderful double whammy today, having my numbered cabinet featured on BOTH The Handmade Home & Maple & Magnolia! (THANK YOU, Ashley & Susan!) I had no idea this was going to happen ~ oh happy day!

I paint and sell and lot of I need things to be quick and efficient when it comes to completing a project. To number the drawers on this one, I used a silicone stamp with a clear block rather than a stencil. Stamps are soooo much faster and easier!

The million dollar email question of the day is "where did you find the stamp?"

I purchased these last fall, and they were in the "stamp isle" at my local Michaels. Here is a photo so you know which package you are looking for...

And here is the UPC, just in case that make them easier to find. The clerk in the store may be able to search their system to see if they can find you some. I did check the Michael's website, but didn't see them. 

UPDATE: I was able to find 3 sets locally this morning! Email me if you would like I set! $8 each, and that includes shipping!

I am going to stop at Michael's today, so will inquire while I am there to see what info they can give me on how or where to find them. 

Want to see the full tutorial on how I complete the cabinet? Click here...

A BIG THANK YOU to Ashley & Susan for making my day! 

I wish you all a Friday just as happy!