Sunday, January 30, 2011

i heart the growers daughter....

Every once in a while I stumble on a blog that stops me in my tracks.

I am immediately taken in by the beauty...the music...the photos...a *love at first sight* kind of thing, I guess you could say!

That is how I felt when I found Maria and her blog The Grower's Daughter!

A page or two into it and I was head-over-heels! 




First, I found her Etsy shop...and I got really excited!

Gorgeous photography and such incredible vintage finds!

It was from her amazing shop that I found her blog.

Instantly, I was head-over-heels!



How could I not fall madly in love??

The girl makes the most beautiful muffins I have ever seen!!

And her living room is sooooo incredible!

The lamps...the pillows...the sofas...I *love* every single inch of it!

(all photos property of the Grower's Daughter, please do not use without permission from Maria)


Isn't it just so pretty??

You should see her dining room...and she has the most amazing old cabinet in her kitchen, too!

I just had to share Maria and her amazing talents with you! Head over to her blog and be inspired...and after you have a look around...don't forget to take a moment to visit her Etsy shop!

 I am off to dream about Maria's beautiful home...don't you love drifting off to sleep feeling inspired??


Sweet dreams, girls! I can't wait to catch up with you all on Monday morning!