Friday, January 14, 2011

want to win $40 to use in my Etsy shop??

The lovely and talented Kristin from
My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia
is celebrating her 1 year blogging anniversary!

And to celebrate, she is hosting a giveaway every day this week!

And today is Urban Farmgirl day over in suburbia, and you could win $40 to use in my Etsy shop!

Kristin is one of my very favorite friends, and her blog is fantastic! I was so excited to learn she has family ties in the area I live, so I cannot wait to meet her when she comes to town next time! Have you seen you kitchen make-over?? I remember it  was the very first thing that drew me into her blog. This girl has some amazing skills! So when she asked if I would be part of her anniversary celebration, I could not type *yes!* fast enough!

To enter, take a look around my new little shop and then pop over to Kristin's blog and leave a comment telling her which item you love the most! She has few ways you can get an extra chance to win, read her post carefully!

Also, I just want to send out a great-big, bottom-of-my-heart THANK YOU for your support of my Etsy shop. I opened the shop in September...but was too scared to put a single item in it for sale until December 4th. Well today is Janurary 14th, and I am celebrating my 200th sale today! I feel like I need to give a Sally Field-inspired speech...."you like me, you really like me".

Seriously, it is so nice to know there are so many of you out there that share my love and passion for a simple, yet beautiful life...and see the beauty in vintage finds the way I do.

* thank you *

Now, get over to Kristin's blog and enter that giveaway! I have more goodies going in the shop this weekend!


  1. Oh my goodness, Mary! You have added some more GORGEOUS pieces to your shop!!! I LOVE that canister and the scale... they're getting added to my favorites! I'm sure they'll be gone before I have a chance to buy them... lol!
    What a generous giveaway you're offering for your shop, girl! Since you're sponsoring my blog now... I didn't sign up... didn't think that would be right. Just wanted to come by and show my support. :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. are you serious? you have an eye for beauty and I was so happy when you first mentioned opening an esty shop!
    ps i have a feeling i was that 200th buyer heehee

  3. Mary, You've got some beautiful stuff. I just love that Chicoree canister!

  4. Hi Mary~ Yoy know I love your shop!;) Cant wait to get my green glass bottles! Hugs, Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  5. Hi Mary, I’m an x Wisconsin girl, not from a farm but not far from one either. My birthday is on the 6th of Sept. (close!) Love your blog and congrats on your Etsy. I have made a shop myself but it remains empty out of fear. Off to enter the giveaway. come on by ..

  6. Wow! So glad I came across your blog! Beautiful things!

  7. Good Morning! I have an Etsy shop too and I hearted you awhile back! I am excited about the giveaway!

  8. Hi Mary-
    I just found you through Slice of Suburbia blog giveaway and purchased the fabulous metal tags you have on etsy. So excited for them!
    Did you know your links to her site aren't working? Thought you might want to know.
    Love your etsy shop, and what you do. So very cool.

  9. 200th SALE! THAT is fabulous! It's because you have beautiful goodies! You are about to have 201 because I'm going to order that black and white doggie print! ;-) Hey, come back over to whimages...I've decided to have a give away too!

  10. Woo hoo 200+ sales! My Mom just got all the signs & now we have to find homes for them. PS - inbox me what I owe you for that big number :)

  11. You are so sweet Mary!!! I think everyone LOVES your shop, how could they not!!!

  12. Hi Mary...I just found your blog through Kristin. What a great thing you have going on over here! I am your newest follower....

    Take care,

  13. Congratulations, my friend!

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps That green box is fantastic!

  14. ... wish I'd thought of it ..... teehe

    I am running a huge sale though!
    Need new stuff ...the season is upon us

    happy huntung

  15. I just entered. Oh yes I did!
    Your shop is gorgeous, Mary. I'm so glad you're finding such wonderful success on Etsy!