Thursday, January 13, 2011

wanted: loving home for sweet cabinet

Remember my post about this beauty??

I did a post about her over the summer...

when I found her the poor girl looked like this...

But I gave her a new life with white paint...a little distressing...

some chicken wire...and new linen curtains...

Well, now that the "Urban Plains Project" is underway (if that sounds totally crazy, its because you may have missed the posts here and here about it...) this girl needs a new home.

Sadly, I don't have a single spot in my home where she will fit.

Now, when I originally did the post, there were a few of  you that reeeeaaallllyy wanted me to sell her. Some of you were even local....but alas, that was so long ago I no longer have the emails.

Two of you even came to my booth at the Kane County Flea asking if I was going to part with her...

So, whoever you were...if you are out there...and still want to give this girl a me for princing info!

This lovely girl has found a new home! THANK YOU to all that emailed wishing to "adopt" her!

She is looking for a new home. Sniff....sniff... 

Otherwise...I officially have my first piece done for my first show of the flea market season!

Happy Thursday, girls!

Oh, and I am reloading the Etsy shop tonight...come by a little later and take a peek!


  1. It is a gorgeous piece with so many uses. She gonna get snapped up in a worries.

  2. Wow that is beautiful!! Don't worry you will find her a new home in no time.

  3. What a gorgeous piece. It is going to make someone very happy.

  4. Gorgeous! I wish I was closer I would take it!

  5. Hi Mary!
    You'll have to stop in to see what I ended up doing with those sweet Scrabble letters I purchased from you! My new blog banner!

    Ciao Bella!
    Creative Carmelina

  6. From the moment you first posted about her I have been wanting her....I just have no where to put it. She will definitely go fast.

  7. oh gosh, can we put her on a truck? it's beautiful!! susan

  8. Oh I am so sad I don't live close to you. When you blogged about the flea market I was always dying to go, and now this cabinet beckons - it's gorgeous and how I would love it! Ah well, I'm sure you will find a wonderful new home for it if you can bare to sell it!

  9. Oh my. I would have snatched that up if I lived close. Some girl is pretty lucky to have that.

  10. ... and boys! ;)

    love this cabinet. the material and chicken wire is great!

  11. How I wish I lived closer.... but I will be checking out the Etsy updates ;)


  12. Great job! Love the linen curtains, chicken wire and white!
    Debbi @ the beach

  13. She is gorgeous. You have done a wonderful job on her.

  14. I wish I lived closer to you. That is a beautiful piece and I do have the perfect spot for her. If only I was closer....I am sure she will go to a lovely home.

  15. she is a beauty!! and wish i lived closer and had the perfect spot myself:)

  16. I neeeeeeed it!! Where are you??? What state??

  17. oh how I wish lived near you, she's a real darling...


    but I'm sure it won't be long until she finds a new loving home

  18. wish I lived close enough! that's exactly what I've been looking for! :o)

  19. It's a gorgeous cabinet!! Wish I had a truck, I'd take her off your hands for my bedroom!!

  20. What a gorgeous piece! Someone is going to be very happy having her!

  21. Stunning, wouldn't she make a nice cabinet to store canning goods, or linens, or dishes, I could go on and on! Hope she finds a loving home soon!

  22. Oh my! How lovely is that? A definite hunk of gorgeousness!!!
    Sadly, I don't live close enough! Sigh!

  23. She'll have a new home real soon! Off to your Etsy shop!

    Have a great weekend!

  24. I love furniture makeovers and this is one of the best I've ever seen. I wish you were closer. x