Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i want to get remarried...

To the same man, of course...I wouldn't trade him for anything in this world!

But I have to admit, every once in a while I see photos of a wedding that get my all dreamy-eyed and make me want to have a "do-over"...does anyone else every daydream about that, or is it just me?

You know what I mean...have a day so beautiful it makes up for the wacky bridesmaids dresses you chose, the big hair you wore on top your head and the gown that you just thought was the perfect one and now shudder to look at??


Ok, so I never had any of those things...but I never had a big wedding either.

My husband's father passed away unexpectedly and we ended up canceling the wedding and eloping.

Every once in a while I wonder what my wedding would have been like if I had finished planning it...

The other days I found this wedding featured on Style Me Pretty...and fell in love so just had to share the photos with you!

This is the most beautiful cake table I have ever seen...makes me sad I had a little french table like that and sold it last year...

The cake. Oh....the cake...simple and gorgeous...

What a dreamy dress...so flowing and soft...

Did you see the chandi peeking out?...I think I would have to sneak that one home under my dress...

I thought I would forever hate pink bridesmaid dresses after my sister-in-law made up wear Bo-Peep style dresses that were pink with white polka dots. Oh and as if the polka-dots were not bad enough, we had to wear big white hats. I cannot forget to mention that hats. It was traumatic.

The room the wedding party had to get ready is unreal.

So relaxing and dreamy...

Even the little accessories were beauitful....

Doesn't every wedding seem to use a chalkboard for the menu these days?

It is such a good look.

Pure genius!


Rustic elegance.

I love this tablescape.

The kiddos have a pretty unbelievable place to sit, too!

The finish on the little table and chair is just fabulous!

Even the drinks are pretty...


Well, even if I can't have the do-over on the wedding, I feel a backyard party coming on this summer!

Anyone want to come over for a cocktail??

I am off taking photos...I feel an Etsy shop update coming on...maybe tonight...maybe tomorrow...so take a peek and see what goodies I found yesterday! I'll give you a few hints...hobnail milk glass, tarnished silver, chippy aqua paint, rusty metal and some really cool beakers may make their way up for sale!

Happy Tuesday, friends!